Hi, I’m Kristi!


I’m a violinist, podcaster, educator and entrepreneur living in Nashville, TN.

My mission is to empower 20something creatives (like you!) to design a life they love. Through my podcast, I inspire, entertain, and educate you on how to be the best version of yourself and to never compromise a single unique personality trait just because you think it won’t be well-received on the internet. I believe you should tell your story and live your best life right now, not a second later.



A combination of tangible business tips and advice for aspiring podcasters, plus a few rants about life, love, and happiness.



Listen in to caffeinated discussions on all things adulting, keepin' it real for the 20somethings with practical business advice and lessons learned.



From online education to beauty products and my favorite CBD oil, this is the ultimate list of things I'm impressed you've been living without.