My story is


So, a little about me before we get into the fun stuff: I’m a Jersey Girl, born and raised. In fact, 5 years ago if you would have told me I’d be living in “the South” I would have laughed so hard that I spit my Guinness in your face. 

Wait, I didn’t drink Guinness 5 years ago… Whatever.

I have been playing the violin since I was 6 years old, and I went to James Madison University for Music Education. It was my dream to graduate, get a 7-3 teaching job with summer’s off, and impact generations of musicians to come.

…And then I started a business.

I first started my journey as an entrepreneur when I started my business Got Strings. Next, I discovered my passion for selling physical products when I joined the network marketing company SeneGence International. See a pattern here? I couldn’t stop.

But wait, this is where the story gets good.

On June 1, 2018, my boyfriend Addison and I moved to Nashville, TN 3 weeks after graduation without knowing a single other person except each other. We didn’t have “real jobs” (still don’t), and completely took a leap of faith when we jumped without knowing whether a net would catch us.

During this time, I started my podcast, blog, and YouTube channel Coffee with Kristi, where I chat about all things “adulting,” relationships, and even teach about business and productivity. In addition after we moved, I started two other businesses: my project-based virtual assistant service, VA for a day, and one with Addison to help creatives produce, edit, and publish their podcast, A&K Podcast Services. Now I even have courses teaching you to do both of these things yourself!

Hey, you can’t say I’m lazy!


I know this sounds kind of ridiculous. Right now you’re like, What is wrong with this girl? Can’t she make up her mind?

Trust me friend, I’m with ya. I ask myself that question while I journal my Morning Pages. But I want you to understand something.

With all of these seemingly unrelated projects, my “why” remains the same: My mission is to empower 20something creatives to design a life they love by starting a business.

I am living proof that you can graduate with a degree that you decide not to use and still be successful. Everything I do is intentional and aligning, and girl I am giving you permission TODAY to do the same.

Don’t go sit in a cubicle because it’s “safe,” but if you want to, then do it. Don’t get a 9-5 because your parents say to, but if you want a 9-5, get one. Don’t start a business because it’s “cool,” but if you want to be an entrepreneur, then you’ve found the right corner of the internet to hang out.

Jump on in, the water’s fine! :)

Xo, Kristi