Why I Chose Direct Sales


Everyone always gets asked, “What do you do?” at every dinner party, cocktail hour, and… wait, let me stop right there. Who am I fooling with this whole “dinner party” crap? I’m 22, I don’t go to dinner parties. But I do often get asked what I do. It’s just usually in the doctor’s office waiting room or on social media...

Anyway, when I respond that I am an entrepreneur in the music industry and belong to a direct sales company, my inquirer usually either doesn’t know what the latter is, or says, “Oh, is that another one of those pyramid schemes?” To combat these conversations from happening in the future, I want to set the record straight and explain exactly what direct sales is and why I chose using this industry to provide a significant part of my monthly income.

1. It’s a proven business model

I am not the type of person to fall for a “get rich quick” scheme, so when I was first approached to join SeneGence, I did a LOT of research. Not just about the company, but about direct sales as a whole. And here’s what I learned: it works if you do. The direct selling industry has been around for over 160 years--beginning in 1855 with a “traveling salesman” named Rev. James Robinson Graves and evolving throughout the 20th century. Today, according to Direct Selling News , over 16 million people in the United States are a part of a direct selling company and the industry does 22 billion-dollars per year in the global markets. Yea, no joke.

If you’re wondering exactly what direct sales is, let me put it in the simplest terms I can think of: It is a direct-to-consumer business model. This means that instead of paying for advertising in the paper or on television, a direct sales company pays the distributors who promote their product(s). Although there are a lot of more details I could go into (i.e building a “team”, discounts, and commissions), most of this information changes based on the company. And since I am only familiar with SeneGence International, I cannot speak for every direct sales company on those details. But let’s just say that the business model has been around for a long time for a reason, and the numbers don’t lie: the industry is growing every year.

2. I’m in charge of how much money I make

Okay I have to admit: I love a good business opportunity. When I was doing all of my research to decide whether or not I should sign up, I learned that direct sales is one of the only industries that there is absolutely no limit to how much money you make. Furthermore, the individual’s effort is directly responsible for the check at the end of the month. Work hard, make a lot of sales, offer the business opportunity… And you got yourself a nice source of income!

For some people, this may seem daunting. Some like the security of knowing that if you go into work on time and leave on time, you get paid regardless of how well you do your job. But to me, this was extremely appealing. In the past I had only had jobs that paid set amounts based on the hour(s) I worked, and there was no incentive to perform well. To finally have a job that reflected my efforts, and to know that if I needed more money I could just make it happen… that was my dream job right there. Kristi works, Kristi gets paid. Kristi doesn’t work... well, you get the idea!

3. I have flexible hours

Along the same lines as the last point, another part of my dream job is that I could work from home, not have a boss, and work whenever I wanted. Direct sales is perfect for me because I could fit it into my lifestyle. If I’m going on vacation, there is no “boss” that I have to ask for permission from… I just go. If I’m sick and don’t want to get out of bed… I just don’t. Now of course there’s a caveat to this--like I mentioned before, if I don’t work, I make less money. Commissions can definitely supplement that--I have built a team within my company--But generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to take too much time off. However, the opportunity to fit my direct sales business into my life whenever works for me was a great perk of joining the industry.

4. It provides a leadership opportunity

Those that know me know I am a TOTAL extrovert. I like to talk (hence the podcast), I’m opinionated, and I like to lead. Although leadership is not something everyone has to participate in when getting involved with direct sales, but there is definitely an opportunity here if you want to take advantage of it. Personally, I am a Field Leader with SeneGence which means I have an obligation to train my team and speak at events. A “team” is when you share the business with other people and sponsor them into the company. As a leader, it’s your time to shine! This aspect of the business is so up my alley because I love getting the chance to share my knowledge with other people in the company. Direct sales is known for this, and many sellers attribute it as being one of their favorite parts of their job.

5. I love the product

I know this should have been first on the list, but I’m going to be 100% honest with you guys… I am OBSESSED with SeneGence products now, but I wasn’t when I decided to join the direct selling industry (and that’s what this post is about). I had tried LipSense and I loved it, but what really sold me on the company was not the products, it was ultimately the opportunity. Gosh, how embarrassing! Besides, LipSense hardly scratches the surface of the skincare and cosmetics my company has to offer. But listen: I may not have loved the products at first, but I truly love the products now. Although the business opportunity is what made me join, the products are what makes me stay. And if you’re considering joining the direct sales industry, promise me you agree to love the products you sell. You’re toast if you try to sell products you don’t use in your daily routine because your customers will see right through that!

Well girls, there you have it! Now you know what direct sales is and why I decided to give this industry a try back in February of 2017 and never looked back. If you’re already in the industry, now I hope you’re better equipped to handle those “dinner party” questions. And if you’re not… what are you waiting for? Long live direct sales! Learn more about how to join the party and become a SeneGence Distributor today!