First 10 Steps To Starting Your New Business


Dude!! Did you just start a business?!

I’m SO excited for you.

Entrepreneurship is the coolest, wildest, most fulfilling rollercoaster you’ll ever ride and I’m so glad our paths crossed so I can help you get through it.

When you first start out your business, there ARE a few things you need to get out of the way in order to get started on the fun stuff. So, allow me to tell you what they are!

  1. Decide on a business name

    If you can’t think of anything clever, no worries! I’d highly recommend using your own name to allow your business to grow and change as you do. [Because you’re in it for the long haul, right?!]

  2. Decide on a business entity

    There’s a few options here, like LLC, sole proprietor, or an s-corp. I’m not an accountant, but go ahead and ask my friend Meagan which would be best for you!

  3. Create a separate business bank account

    Oh friend, this is so important, don’t even ask questions. Just march right up to your bank teller and tell them you need to open a new account. You’ll thank me during tax season.

  4. Get a system for tracking finances

    Yo, you totally don’t have to invest in QuickBooks in the beginning. An Excel spreadsheet worked just fine for my business until I got Dubsado, which is where I track my finances now, along with tons of other things. Speaking of…

  5. Set up Dubsado to track clients

    Yea, I’m a huge Dubsado nerd. DON’T JUDGE. I run my entire business with Dubsado (actually, 3 businesses), so it’s safe to say I think it’s pretty legit.

  6. Create your packages/prices

    Ooooooh this is the best part! It’s my most favoritey-favorite part! In fact, I teach my one-of-a-kind proven pricing formula in my program Booked Out VA extensively.

  7. Create your contracts (a lawyer is your best bet)

    Girl, I ain’t a lawyer but I’ve got a great one for ya! Check out Your Legal Gay Best Friend…. he’ll get your legal and tax shit legit.

  8. Create a website

    Obviously when you start a business you need somewhere to send people to view your services, learn about you, and find out how to contact you. Read my blog Six Simple Elements Your Website Needs To Make Money to craft yours in a way that will actually turn readers into CUSTOMERS!

  9. Create Facebook + Instagram business accounts

    This one is probably obvious, but use social media for your business! And pleeeeaaase show your face on them… it’s crucial to allowing your potential customers to know, like, and trust you.

  10. Start your email list

    Every business owner says they wished they had done this sooner… Don’t be that guy. Read this post about creating a freebie and setting up your welcome series in MailChimp to help you!

So friend, there you have it! Your first 10 steps to starting your business. I can’t WAIT to see your success!

If you are looking for more hand-holding and guidance through this process, check out my program Booked Out VA for new virtual assistants. I think you’ll like it! ;)