3 Rules To Follow When Goal-Setting For Multiple Businesses


As the calendar races toward the end of the year and all of the girl bosses I know are goal-setting, number-crunching, and vision-boarding, I have been getting a lot of questions about how I plan for 2019 with 5 different businesses. I know, it’s ridiculous, you can read about each of them here.

So I thought, what better way to tell everyone about the 3 rules I follow when setting my sights on huge accomplishments in the new year? A blog post, of course! Let’s do it.

Rule #1

I have to set yearly goals for each of my businesses to keep me on track--I can’t just make them up as I go or something. However, the rule that I have to hold myself to is to not have more than 4 yearly goals per business. Why? Well, because there are 4 quarters in the year, and if I focus on 1 goal per quarter I can handle that! But any more than 4? I won’t get them all done, and that will leave me frustrated and dejected this time next year.

Rule #2

Okay, here is when the Music Education degree starts coming out of me! Have you ever heard of SMART goals? That’s the second rule I follow when setting my goals: Making them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based. This method really helps you get clear on what you’re striving for. If I don’t specify these things and hold myself to them, well... It won’t get done!

Rule #3

My third rule is that I spread the goals evenly throughout the year, based on seasons. With 5 different businesses, I need to make sure I’m not running super hard in 5 vastly different directions all year long. In my opinion, balance doesn’t exist and there is no way you can pay equal attention to all of your businesses at the same time… So, don’t! To do this, I note the seasons that each business is busiest (i.e Got Strings = first quarter, after people were engaged during the holidays, whereas SeneGence = last quarter, when people are buying gifts for their loved ones), and divide them out that way.

Well friends, that’s what I’ve got for you! But I have one more question…

Is one of your goals this year to launch a podcast to promote your business? Amen, sister.

Podcasting is the best thing I did for my business in 2018, so I am all for that. I’d love to help you out with my course, How To Launch A Podcast In 30 Days. It’s 4 jam-packed modules containing 25 step-by-step video tutorials and 15+ downloadable templates and guides… plus, a private Facebook group. See you inside!!

Kristi Monte