4 Steps To Making Your Dreams Reality

I recently listened to a bonus episode of Amy Porterfield’s podcast Online Marketing Made Easy. She interviewed Marie Forleo who spoke about the concept of everything being “figureoutable.” 

Marie explained that there is a “little magical neurological genie” called your Reticular Activating System who’s only request to make your dreams come true is to be extremely specific about what you want.

Every single day, there is so.much.information coming at you every day that we can’t possibly consciously process everything.

*Your Reticular Activating System is an attention filter which essentially decides what is important for you to consciously process.*

Marie uses the example of being at a crowded party with lots of noise and someone faintly calls your name--you can tune into that easily because it’s important to you.

The act of clearly defining your dream or goal is telling your RAS that it is important to you.

Then—and this is the best part—your brain will subconsciously sift through the data around you to surface information to help you achieve that goal!

To identify your goals, I recommend listening to Episode 12, Define Success, and listen to the guided meditation that I lead you through to figure out what you WANT in life. But today, we’re talking about how to ACT on them.

In life and in business we often make excuses for ourselves.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself: “She’s doing an awesome job. Good for her. But…I can’t do that"?

C’mon, I know you’ve done this before!

*I’m bowing my head and tucking my invisible tail between my legs, because I’ve done the EXACT same thing.*

Here’s the thing: When you look at that girl and think I can’t do that, I can’t be that, I can’t have that…

I want to challenge you to replace the word ‘can’t’ with ‘won’t’ and see how that feels. See if that is a more TRUE statement for you.

Because I hate to break it to you boo, but if someone else is doing it, that means you can too.

Even if they have more money, are more connected, have more education, are more intelligent or better looking or younger… If someone else is doing it, you can too.

>>Which means that when you say you CAN’T you actually mean you WON’T.<<

You won’t make the call, you won’t get uncomfortable, you won’t find the money.

  • Those excuses you use? They are LIES you are telling yourself to protect yourself from the pain of potential failure

  • The all-too-common comparison game you play in your head? It is holding you back from making your dreams happen.

  • Procrastinating and putting off something that could actually benefit your business? That stops NOW.

I’m challenging YOU to change that mindset from the “comparative wannabe” of the past into the “unstoppable dream chaser” of the present.

Think of all that you could accomplish if that little voice in your head stopped saying no and started saying, “DUDE, YOU GOT THIS.

The thing that’s separating you from where you are and who you want to be is what you’re doing.

Friend, ACTION is the only thing that can make your dreams happen.

Not just thinking about them, but actually DOING something.

How do you DO something, and make your dreams reality?

  1. Write down a game plan. I recommend working backwards from your goal and outlining the steps from the end. Rachel Hollis discusses this in detail in her book, Girl Stop Apologizing.

  2. Execute on the plan. This may be the hardest part… It’s time to DO the work! Don’t give yourself a time limit to complete your goal, but I do recommend you give yourself deadlines for each step of it.

  3. Assess when things inevitably go wrong. There will ALWAYS be things that stand in your way. No, it doesn’t mean that ‘you’re not meant to complete it.’ It means you need to fix it.

  4. Correct and continue. The best thing you can do after something goes wrong on your path is to get back up and keep going.

Listen, you will never “arrive.” You are never “finished” because even if you achieve one goal, there will always be another one on the horizon and the loop will continue

And you know what… That’s great! 

For the driven, motivated person, life consists of multiple cycles of goal-setting, doing, and achieving and THAT is what drives them to continue living each day to the fullest.

Without goals, without purpose, without ACTION and STRATEGY, you will fall into a trap of living a meaningless, unfulfilling life.

And friend, because you are reading this post, I know you strive for more. I know you are meant for more. I know you DESERVE more.

You just have to make it happen for yourself.

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If you’d like more content like this straight to your inbox every single Tuesday morning, subscribe to receive my weekly love letters. I can’t WAIT to be BFF’s!

Kristi Monte