6 Months Post-Jump


As you may recall from my previous posts and episodes, 6 months ago this week Addison and I made the leap from college to full-time adulting. We moved to a brand new city knowing no one but each other, and I called it: Jumping Without A Net.

Today I’m doing something a little different and kind of stream-of-conscious spilling the beans on how the last 6 months have been post-jump: what I learned, what I liked, what I want to improve on, and more. Below are my top three takeaways from the last 6 months that I think you’ll enjoy!

Addison is easy to live with.

Now, before you roll your eyes, let me point out that verbiage is important here because I did NOT say that living with your significant other is easy… I said living with ADDISON is easy. Anybody who knows him knows:

  • He’s clean

  • He’s easy going

  • He’s communicative

And these are all really great attributes in a roommate!

Working from home is difficult.

Basically I’ve learned over the last 6 months that I need to improve my work/life balance. Even right now—I’m writing this episode at 8:30PM and still have a mile-long to-do list. Working from home is an absolute joy, but it is very hard to shut work off when you can send emails from your couch.

In the new year, I am going to really focus on creating boundaries from myself to cut back on the late nights and working 12+ hour days. It’s time to take back my life!

Making friends as an adult is HARD.

Although Addison and I have made some good friends, we have certainly learned in the last 6 months that making friends as an adult is HARD, man. When you’re in school, it is so simple to hang out with people because you know that everyone you interact with is around the same place in their life as you. As an adult, there is no way to tell that unless you “ask them out,” and that feels kind of awkward.

Most of the friends I’ve made in Nashville are through the freaking internet and then asking them too meet up in person. I think the reason it’s been so hard, in general, is because Addison and I need to go out more. We tend to be hermits on the weekend and that really needs to change!

Well, there you have it friends! Nashville has been so good to us the last 6 months. We've made friends, so many connections, explored like crazy, and most importantly, we learned how to live together! So, happy 6-month-aversary to us and Nashville. I hope the next few months are as good as the first!