6 Tips To Never Run Out Of Content


“How do you create so much content?”

Of all the things you guys could ask, this is probably the #1 question I get in my email and DMs. I’m always fascinated by it because, well… the fact that someone is asking means that someone is reading and listening to my stuff. And that makes me happy!

I have 3 instagram accounts that I post on once per day, 3 facebook groups and 2 facebook pages that I post a few times a week, a blog and a podcast that each have new content once per week, and I am on Instagram story every damn day. To say I create a lot is an understatement!

Today I’m going to share with you exactly how I never run out of content and hopefully these tips will help you in your own social media adventures.

  1. Silence.

    I get my best ideas for Instagram posts, podcast episodes, Facebook livestreams and blog posts when I am in silence. Silence allows our brains to expand and that’s why we tend to get our best ideas working out, in the shower, or cooking.

  2. Find the lesson in everything.

    If someone cuts me off in traffic and I make the decision to let it go and not freak out, I take that story over to good ol’ IG. My insta fam hears all about it and I teach them about patience make into some other lesson!

  3. Join Social Curator.

    Social Curator is NOT a sponsor of my podcast or something, but I love to tell people about this amazing subscription by Jasmine Star. You pay $25/month, and you receive 15 customizable captions and 30 beautiful stock photos to use any way you’d like. For someone who runs 3 Instagram accounts and 3 Facebook groups, I couldn’t do it all without SC.

  4. Poll your audience.

    Sometimes when I don’t know what to talk about on the podcast, I ask my friends on Instagram. This is why it’s imperative you follow me on IG! People ALWAYS tell me what they want to hear and I create content based on that. What’s great about this is that if you ask your audience what they want to hear, they will engage better with it because they felt apart of the process.

  5. Keep your ideas in your notes app.

    Sometimes I’ll be grocery shopping and I get a great idea for a blog post. If I don’t write it down immediately then it will never remember it! Does that happen to you guys? Yea, so when that happens you definitely want to write that shit down IMMEDIATELY and elaborate on it later. It’s so awesome that when I sit down to write a blog post, instagram caption, or podcast outline, that I have a whole arsenal of ideas at my disposal.

  6. Scroll less.

    What I mean by this is to stop looking at what your friends are doing. Stop reading and absorbing other people’s content as much. I limit the amount of exposure I have to other influencers, bloggers, and podcasters because I feel like when I am reading or listening to their stuff, I am not nearly as inspired when I sit down to create. When I stay in my own lane and create way more than I scroll, I am more creative and I’m not worried about copying someone else’s stuff… I know it’s all MY ideas.

Well there you have it, friends! 6 of my biggest tips to never running out of social media content. Be sure to listen to the podcast about this—I elaborate on each point in much greater detail. :)

And if this post helped you think of tons of ideas for that podcast you’ve been dreaming of launching, my boyfriend Addison and I can help you with that. Learn more about how!