Guest Expert Alexis Fortier: "Entrepreneurial Energy Management"

After Danielle Cevallos, second boss babe that shared her wisdom with the Booked Out VA members is actually a previous mentorship student of mine. 

*That’s riiiiight!*

Alexis Fortier took this program herself earlier this year and blazed her own trail as a virtual assistant...and she was able to quit her 9-to-5 job a few short months after graduating from this course. 


Words can’t describe how proud I am of her and all that’s she’s accomplished! I’ve dubbed Alexis the title of ‘efficiency expert’, because she always has great ideas on how to GET. STUFF. DONE. 

During her guest expert training call, she spoke to us about entrepreneurial energy management.


Alexis is a productivity and systems coach who helps online service-based entrepreneurs optimize their systems and manage their time so they can work less, get more done, & increase their income. 

When not hard at work, Alexis enjoys roller skating, hiking on the coast of Maine, practicing yoga, photography, reading personal development books, sipping on maple cinnamon lattes, and hanging out with her cat, Tuna. 

Alexis loves helping passionate, heart-centered entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams while maintaining their freedom and sanity!

Alexis brought up many valuable time-saving hacks during the call. Here were a few of the main points that she mentioned:

>> Productivity methods such as time blocking, batch working, and the Pomodoro technique all mesh well together. Taking the time to implement them all into our workdays will not only make us more productive, but will save time as well.

>> We work best in a proactive state rather than a reactive state. By planning, preparing, and being intentional with our time (instead of responding to demands as they come in), we can avoid stress and burnout.

>>”Overwhelm is just a story you tell yourself about the future.” When we get stressed about upcoming deadlines or tasks, it’s important to take a step back and take a deep breath. We must change our mindset and choose a new story for ourselves to replace the feeling of overwhelm.

As many of the members of the Booked Out VA group are just starting out in their business, this training was very helpful for them in putting a plan in place as they gain clients and fill up their schedules. Thank you so much for your wonderful input and advice, Alexis! 

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