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relationship goals

“When did you know you were meant to be?”

While his answer is a pretty definite “immediately,” mine is a liiiittle less romantic.

From this hilarious [+ embarrassing!] story, to the best bad decision we ever made, why we moved to Nashville and our advice for couples doing long distance, Addison and I are answering YOUR questions today on the Coffee with Kristi podcast!

For those of you who don’t know, Addison Smith is the love of my life! He fell in love with me almost 5 years ago after “Dave Grohl is my spirit animal” casually rolled off my tongue.

I was wearing a maroon yin-yang kimono with fringe on the arms, and I was the biggest rock-and-roll nerd you’d never imagine a classical violinist being. I was exactly what he was looking for.

It was November of my freshman year of college, and I had agreed to have lunch with my new acquaintance on campus. I knew nothing about him except that he had long hair and was the lead guitarist of a band I saw play the week before.

We bonded over our love of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and of course the Foo Fighters. We had both adored Dave Grohl since middle school—a weird commonality, especially for classically-trained music majors.

Needless to say, we hit it off that day… But we didn’t start dating for another year and a half. For the rest of my freshman and a lot of my sophomore years, Addison was my best friend.

  • He drove me to get groceries (I didn’t have a car)

  • We listened to records (the older the better)

  • We fell deeply in love (without even knowing it).

When I look back on that time, I can’t help but laugh… How did I not KNOW we would end up together? How could I think he was “just” a friend?! Despite my naivety, I’m so grateful our relationship started the way it did… Because we have the foundation of a friendship that will last a lifetime.

To this day, Addison is still my best friend. He’s there when I need him, to make me laugh or cook me a meal, and our weekly date nights are always the highlight of my week. *I love you, babe (and Dave)!*

Click the player above to tune in to this week’s episode. Below are the timestamps to where you can find answers to your most pressing questions!

2:47 How do you deal with distance when you have to be apart from each other?

6:03 What’s the best bad decision you ever made?

8:35 Do you ever wish you moved to Austin, TX instead of Nashville/Why the big move to Nashville?

12:08 What is the number one challenge of starting a podcast?

14:10 When did you know you were meant to be?

20:00 Best advice for couples living together for the first time?

22:06 Which of you likes doing crosswords more?

22:37 Have you two worked out any guidelines on how to keep work and every day life separate?

24:47 What was your biggest struggle moving in together in a new place while building multiple businesses?

26:10 Will ya’ll get married, do you want kids, how old are ya’ll?

26:47 Addison: When are you and my girl gonna get hitched?

28:40 What is the next step for Coffee with Kristi in year 2?

We had SO much fun recording this episode. It’s especially hilarious to hear Addison get squirmy at the mention of wedding bells and me laugh too loudly at his dad jokes… It’s just what we do.

*We’re awkward, okaaaaayy??*

Tell us: What was the most surprising part of today’s show?! Did you like this style episode?! We want to hear from YOU in the comments so we know if allllll the goofiness was received. Are we too weird?!

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