Behind The Scenes Of My Booked Out VA Launch

If you were the type to dissemble toys as a kid or love the show “How It’s Made,” this post is for you. ;)

Recently, I launched my latest program Booked Out VA for the first time after 2 rounds of beta tests and LOTS of work.

During this launch, I made mistakes and learned a lot, and I’m super excited to share these points with you in the hopes that you will take what I learned and implement it in your next launch!

6 things i learned + would recommend

  1. Setting Good, Better, and Best Goals

    Rather than hoping for 15 people in the program and potentially setting myself up for disappointment, my mentor and VA client Jasmine Star gave me the idea to set good, better, and best goals. This was an AMAZING piece of advice that I am so grateful for because once I hit my first milestone of 5 people in the program, I was delighted! This helped me to enjoy the rest of the launch and be in a great headspace the rest of the week.

  2. Be prepared for last-minute changes.

    During the middle of my launch, I had one person try to pay in full and receive multiple error messages, and two people were charged the incorrect amount for their payment plan. Yea. Tech issues are very real, my friend, and I’d highly recommend you’re prepared to make quick switches on the fly! :) I switched my payment processor from Kajabi to Dubsado and I was much happier.

  3. Don’t be afraid to hustle.

    During your launch, the best thing you can do is SHOW.UP. I found that it was really beneficial for me to be in my Instagram DM’s answering questions, sending BombBomb video replies to emails, and getting on the phone with my warmest leads. Do whatcha gotta do to get those sales, buttercup!

  4. How you dress is how you’ll show up.

    On the first day Booked Out VA opened to the public, I got up at 7AM, worked out, showered, had a bit of oatmeal, and did my makeup. *Dude, I even put EYELINER on!* As a result, I felt great all day. I was empowered to show up as my best self, tackle anything that came my way, and answer any and all questions my audience asked about the program. I’m so grateful I dressed the part!

  5. Be organized and have details worked out beforehand.

    If there’s one thing I learned launching, it’s that it is EXHAUSTING. The less time you can spend drafting email campaigns, writing social media posts, and putting the finishing touches on the program, the BETTER. Trust me girlfriend, you’ll need all of your energy during launch week, so prepare wisely and don’t burn yourself out. You need to show up as your best self, remember?!

  6. Celebrate!

    The moment I hit my goal of 5 people in the program (and ESPECIALLY when I beat that goal), I was ready to celebrate. Addison and I planned a date night consisting of sushi at our favorite restaurant and a relaxing weekend at the lake. It is so important to celebrate your wins, my friend. If you don’t then what the hell is this all FOR?!

Welp, those are the 6 things I learned during my recent launch of Booked Out VA! I am SO excited to pour everything I have into the gals that have invested in my program to learn how to be a virtual assistant, and I know that my next launch in 2020 will be A LOT smoother from this experience.

I hope you learned something from this post, boo! xo