My Biggest Business Mistake

Recently someone asked me what is the biggest mistake I’ve made in my businesses and I completely ignored the question. Seriously! It’s silly to admit but I completely ignored them because the truth is, I knew EXACTLY what my biggest business mistake is.

>>I was embarrassed that I let it happen, that it went on for so long, that I didn’t speak up… So today I’m opening up to tell you about my biggest business mistake, in the hopes that you’ll learn from my experience.<<

The biggest mistake I made as a VA was working for someone that didn’t value my time.

As a virtual assistant, I have worked for TONS of business owners and they are, for the most part, the BEST!

I am seriously blessed with some of the most amazing clients in the world.

But last year, I found myself working for someone that convinced me I wasn’t worth what I was charging. They told me I was a fraud because I have a music education degree, and that I needed more years of experience to increase my rates (which were only $25 per hour, by the way).

They told me what they were willing to pay and instead of insisting on my hourly rate, I said, “okay.”

I set a boundary with them, saying I would only work for 5 hours per week but then they would give me easily 10 hours worth of work. When I asked for additional compensation for the additional hours, they said it was MY fault that it took longer and refused to pay extra.

At one point, I was even doing work under this person’s name for another company without them knowing and without getting credit for it! I can’t make this stuff up.

It honestly sucked.

>>It took time, but now I’m “over it” and I actually feel grateful for this experience because now I know my worth.<<

Now, I am able to detect whether or not someone will value me and my services right from the beginning and at this point in my life and business, I don’t accept disrespectful clients.

So friend, if you are reading this and you are working for someone who doesn’t value you, I’m begging you: LEAVE.

You are your own boss and you have the ability to say no.

You don’t have to do what you don’t want to do. Neither did I…. And I’m not anymore.

And I’m a lot better off for it.