BuzzSprout vs. Libsyn: Which Is The ONLY Podcast Host I'll EVER Recommend


Homie, you need to be using BuzzSprout to host your podcast.

*What? Too much?*

Okay okay, let me back up because I kind of feel like I just proposed to you on a first date and it miiiight have been a turn-off.

As you probably know, Addison and I have a podcasting course to help creatives turn “just an idea” into an ACTUAL show in under 30 days.

The number one question we get asked by our students is: With all of the hosting platforms, why do we recommend BuzzSprout to host their podcasts?

Well, without going in to so much detail you'll be bored, there are three main reasons.

#1: It's Easy To Use

When I first started my podcast, I signed up with Anchor, Pippa, and Libsyn (three major hosting sites you'd find on Google) and to be honest, I was not really impressed by any of them.

Anchor was way confusing and Pippa was expensive, so Libsyn ended up being my podcasting platform for the first few months of my show.

But Libsyn turned out to be a total disaster.

To start, uploading my first few episodes was a nightmare. I had no idea what I was doing and there wasn't anything to help me along... No blog posts, no tech support, just a bunch of confusing buttons that someone who isn’t tech-savvy would NEVER be able to figure out.

BuzzSprout has an entire library of FAQ’s and tutorials, a wicked-fast support team PLUS a podcast (BuzzCast) to help their users along.

Plus, applying to streaming platforms was a lot more difficult with Libsyn.

Libsyn assumes you will Google into oblivion until you figure it out (which I did), but BuzzSprout walks you through it step-by-step.

It's so easy to apply to be on iTunes with BuzzSprout that some of my podcasting students said they completely skipped that module in our course… It’s just so self-explanatory!

#2: It's Customizable

One of my biggest pet peeves is when there are companies made for entrepreneurs that are supposed to help them out--whether it be client management, podcast hosting, blogging, or anything else really--and THEIR logo and branding is all over it.

I know it's a really random pet peeve but seriously, I think about this all the time.

As entrepreneurs, we want the tools we use to be branded to US, not THEM.

With BuzzSprout, I love that I can change the color, font, and look of the player embedded in my website, something that most other hosting sites do not offer.

The BuzzSprout audio player matches the rest of my website and does not stick out like a sore thumb, like the players for Pippa, SoundCloud, Anchor, and Libsyn.

If this isn't important to you, then so be it. But it is for me!

#3: It's Affordable

First of all, before we even get into affordability, let me just take a minute to compare HOW BuzzSprout and Libsyn price their

BuzzSprout has three plans based on HOURS, which you can check out on their website. Libsyn, on the other hand, bases their prices on MEGABYTES.

Okay, maybe it’s just me… But who the HECK knows how many megabytes their podcast episodes are?!

All I know (and most of my students… and everyone I’ve talked to…) is that I record a 30-minute podcast episode, edit it down to 25 minutes, and upload 4 of those every month. Looking at Libsyn’s pricing structure, I literally had no idea which one to choose because megabytes, probably like most podcasters, is not something I understand.

I had chosen the Classic $5/month plan with an added $2 to track analytics. Switching from Libsyn to BuzzSprout, I was not worried about the few dollar price jump from $7 to $12/month... Here's why.

I learned early on that my $7/month plan with Libsyn did not actually mean $7...

They do not give you unlimited storage, and even for my four 20-minute episodes every month, I had to continuously archive previous episodes to upload more just about every other week.

Not only was that tedious and time-consuming, but it was also frustrating because they had a $5 minimum to pay online (which, by the way, was the only payment option).

So I would get messages like, "You need to purchase $2.14 of storage to upload this episode," but then I'd be charged $5!

Ummm hellooooo… That is *SO* annoying!

So I wasn’t paying $7… I was paying $7 per month, plus an extra $5 every other week. That’s a total of $17!

I could go on and on.

Seriously, man, BuzzSprout is’

If you’re still not sure, I’d highly recommend starting free trials on both to see what you think. Experiment and go with what works for you!

When creating your account in BuzzSprout, be sure to use this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card after your show has been active for 2 months!

Yep, they’re just THAT awesome that they have a refer-a-friend program that gives that big of a payout for ALL users. *Convinced yet?!*

If you’re switching from another host, DON’T WORRY. I did the same thing, remember?!

Check out this BuzzSprout article that explains how to move your podcast over in literally under 15 minutes!

Friend, I’m super excited for you to give BuzzSprout a try and I hoped this post helped you make your decision. I’d love to listen to your show, so leave a comment below and let me know what your podcast is and I’ll be sure to tune in!