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Queer Eye for the 20Something

The story behind this topic is obviously due to my current obsession with the Netflix original series, Queer Eye. If you’ve never heard of it, come out from under the rock where you’ve been living (kidding, of course), and go check it out! Basically, it’s a spin-off of an early-2000s show, where five gay guys work with all sorts of people, focusing on mindset shifts and personal development. Each of these five guys has their own niche: fashion, culture, cooking, grooming, and interior design. 

I used those five topics as inspo for my own spin-off: A 20something’s Eye for Fellow 20somethings.

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Why I Chose Direct Sales

Everyone always gets asked, “What do you do?” When I respond that I am an entrepreneur in the music industry and belong to a direct sales company, my inquirer usually either doesn’t know what the latter is, or says, “Oh, is that another one of those pyramid schemes?”

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