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The Music Educator In Me

I started playing the violin at 6 years old and from middle school on, I knew I was going to college for music education.

So, I went to James Madison University and graduated in May of 2018 with a music education degree. Now, I live in Nashville, TN and have a private violin studio where I teach students of all ages.

This episode is a little different than the usual Coffee with Kristi content... It's an interview with my best friend Greg Childress on his new show, The Music Educator Podcast. In this interview, I discuss what it's like to be a music educator following a non-traditional path, and how I still keep music in my life post-grad.

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Decisions, Decisions: How To Make Big Choices Without Being Stressed

We all know that choices are just a part of life, but how the heck do we know we're making the right ones? Better yet, how do we make them without anxiety and avoid feeling regret when it's all said and done? This week I had to make a pretty big decision, and I'm going to walk you through exactly how I handled it and the advice I received along the way. By the end of this episode, you will be equipped to confidently make the big choices we’re all faced with in life, without unnecessary stress and worry!

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To Move Out Or Not To Move Out

Whether we’re 18 or 28, we all eventually take the leap and move out. We get out of our comfort zones and start officially *dun dun dun* adulting. This decision can be a little daunting, I’m not gonna lie! Theres usually a lot of thought, deliberation, and discussions with our folks. So today, I’m giving you the top 3 things to consider before leaving the nest!

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