Guest Expert Danielle Cevallos: “Words That Make Bank”

One of my absolute favorite aspects of Booked Out VA actually has nothing to do with me. It has EVERYTHING to do with some amazing women that I consider boss babes and experts in their field. I am so excited that several women have agreed to host a training call with the Booked Out VA group to share their wisdom!

This week, our very first guest expert was Danielle Cevallos. She spoke to us about words that make bank. Cha-chiiiiing!!


Danielle Cevallos is a conversion copywriter and the owner of Basic Girl Marketing. She helps online business owners make bank with personality infused copy that doesn't suck! *how’s that for a tagline?!*

Basic to the core, you can find her strolling Target, PSL in hand, rocking leggings and (fake) UGGs. Danielle has been married to her college sweetheart for 16 years, has two daughters, and taught students with learning disabilities for 12 years prior to taking the leap and going full-time in her business.

Her passion is helping world-changers get their message out, so they can work their magic, and change lives. Danielle loves Jesus, Starbucks, puppies and Reality TV.

In her exclusive training for members of Booked Out VA, Danielle taught us her tricks of the trade on how to make bank in our businesses.

During Danielle’s call, she made MANY killer points, but here were the three main takeaways:

>> There are five stages of awareness of our product or service. As business owners, we must cater our copy towards people in each stage. Our main goal is to move our ideal clients from one stage of awareness to the next, eventually leading to a sale!

>> Of the two core motivators that push people to buy something (escaping pain or reaching a desired outcome), the stronger motivator is escaping pain. So, when we are speaking to our ideal clients, we must convey that our product or service will relieve their pain points and solve their problems.

>> Before we can sell our product or service, we have to be able to speak the language of our ideal clients. Market research is the lifeline of copywriting. By asking specific questions and digging deep into social media groups and comment threads (and keeping track of all of our sleuthing in an ideal client language document), we will be able to communicate more effectively with them, simply by using the words that they use.

We all LOVED what Danielle had to say. Each and every one of us learned something valuable during the call that we could immediately apply to our own businesses. Thanks for your wonderful advice, Danielle!

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