Starting Your Email List


In any industry, an email list is an absolute must-have to grow your business and generate new leads. As entrepreneurs, we have the unique ability to serve your ideal client long before they hire us, just by simply sharing simple, tangible tips that come naturally to us. Today, I'm going to teach you the steps to start your email list and begin serving your audience right away, so that the next logical step is for them to buy your product or hire your service.

Step 1: Brainstorm freebie ideas to generate leads.

A freebie is something you give away for free, in exchange for their email address. To brainstorm: what does your ideal client need help with? Keep in mind that your freebie should give everything away for free… you need to build trust with your audience to show them full disclosure, and then the next logical step is for them to work with you.

Step 2: Create the freebie.

If you’re not a graphic designer (I'm not) I recommend using Canva. Make it pretty and branded to your business, and make sure there is a picture of you at the end that leads them to your social links. Export it as a PDF, and boom: you have a free resource!

Step 3: Deliver the freebie.

For now, I recommend using MailChimp because it is free and easy to use. To deliver your freebie, first create an automated welcome series of emails; Freebie Delivery, About Me, and Pure Value. Be sure to listen to episode 47 of Coffee with Kristi to hear really specific instructions on how to create these! :)

So friend, that’s the gist! The podcast episode corresponding with this post walks you through sample emails and even MORE tangible tips on how to serve your audience. Check it out!

To learn how to create and automate an unforgettable client experience, join MY list and see this entire "thing" in action, head to! ;)