The 4 E's Your Social Media Needs


The numbers don’t matter.

Say it with me: the numbers don’t matter.

UGH, we want to believe it, right? But let’s be honest…


Girl, I got you. I know you because I WAS you.

It took months of trial and error, but I finally figured out the key to connection online: know, like, and trust. In order to connect with your audience and invite others to follow you, today I’m going to teach you the 4 E’s your social media needs.

Warning: these will increase your following and your engagement and you will definitely want to listen to the corresponding podcast episode to get ALL the juicy details.

Okay, let’s do this!


Now before you think you have to be a comedian to gain followers, just think about the fact that there is something funnier than knock-knock jokes: relatability (think: Jerry Seinfeld). This looks different for everyone: you could do funny live videos, tell them a story or just give your audience something to smile about in your daily life. Entertain them once or twice a week and I assure you they’ll be coming back for more!


Next time you are posting, resist the urge to have a caption with just emojis; teach your audience something! It doesn’t have to be a formal “training” or read like a textbook… Education can come in so many different forms. If may feel awkward at first, but when you teach your followers, they will get used to learning from you. You will establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and the credibility will help grow your following.


Honestly, this E is pretty easy if you have an audience of women. We love inspirational quotes about girl power, am I right ladies? However, empowering doesn’t have to be a quote, it can be asking them what their goal is for XYZ and then cheering them on to complete it. Make sure that when looking at your feed, your followers will feel good about themselves. It’s not just about you.


The secret’s out: social networks LOVE engagement. Unfortunately though, people don’t give comments out willy-nilly, we have to ask for them! Some examples of ones I like to are:

  • Drop a comment if…

  • Tag a friend who…

  • What do you think about…

  • How about you?

  • Double tap if…

I challenge you to have an engagement portion of EVERY post you make, and categorize each of your captions as one of the other 3 E’s. Because friends, all of this goes back to added value. Ask yourself: Would you follow you?

Chances are if you’re only popping on to social media to sell to your audience, you would have unfollowed you too! Remember to serve before you sell. If you entertain, educate, empower, and engage with your followers regularly, then when you DO sell to them, they are so much more likely to purchase from you because you have been serving them this whole time!

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Kristi Monte