Goal-Setting In The New Year


You guys know that I’m the most plan-y planner there is (seriously). And as we approach a new year, this week’s episode of Coffee with Kristi is all about how I’m goal-setting to set myself up for success! Here’s a sneak peak. ;)


First, I dream big and write down the top 5 goals I’d like to accomplish in the year. I make these as specific as possible, giving time frames and milestones needed to complete each one.


Next, I break these larger goals into smaller ones to push me forward each quarter of the year. I do this by looking at the milestones I wrote in my yearly goals, and divide them throughout the year!


Then I break it down my goals even further to 5 monthly ones—Basically 1 major accomplishment per month that will push me toward my quarterly and yearly goals.


My weekly goals consist of smaller, bite-size pieces that are aligned with my monthly goals. These have to be small enough that I can easily accomplish them with all of the day-to-day tasks I have, but big enough to keep me pushing forward. These are written on the white board in my office every Sunday night to keep them front of mind, and on Friday’s I conduct an evaluation of myself to ensure it got done.


Finally, my daily goals are written down to ensure I complete my weekly goal, as well as all of the other tasks I need to finish each day. This is always written the night before so when I sit down at my desk in the morning, I know what to work on from the start.

Well, there you have it! If these seems overwhelming to you, check out the Momentum Planner. That is the leather 6-month planner I use that breaks all of this down and walks you through it step-by-step! And if you’d like to hear about each point in more detail, PLUS how I organize my day-to-day tasks, tune in to this week’s episode of Coffee with Kristi by clicking on the player above! :)