Honeybook vs. Dubsado


It's time for a wildly anticipated match you’ve all been waiting for: Honeybook vs. Dubsado. Which is the better CRM in the ring? Let's find out… Time to FIGHT!

Round 1: Automation

Round 1 opens with Honeybook taking a jab at automation with 4 options: create an internal task, send an email, send a brochure, or send a questionnaire. Not a bad opening punch...…

But wait, Dubsado is coming up behind them with a sucker punch: 15 automation options! They include change project status, send appointment scheduler, create invoice, send contract, archive a project, send form, activate a portal, and so much more.

Hold on friends, the automation round is NOT over yet! How about WHEN we can take these actions? This is a very important part of automating processes. Honeybook allows you to select from 2 options: immediately after the workflow starts, or any number of days after. Not bad, not bad… Dubsado, what is your retaliation?

Oh, a hit right in the kisser! Dubsado has 6 options to choose from for when you can send actions: fixed date, immediately, or any number or hours, days, weeks, or years!

*Ding ding ding!*

That marks the end of round 1, with Dubsado clearly in the lead. Let’s move on to round two!

Round 2: Client-Facing

Honeybook and Dubsado are dancing around the ring, gloves up, both with user-friendly client portals.

The Honeybook portal is effective and simple, with necessary details like the project title, date, address, and a section for files like brochures, contracts, and invoices. This is a great resource for clients to view basic information about their project all in one place!

But Dubsado steps forward to take a hard hit on the client-facing aspect of the program, with all of that PLUS personalization. Yep, that’s right, Dubsado allows for, custom logos, greetings, headers, and even custom brand colors to make their Client Portal look and feel like an extension of your website.

Honeybook is ducking and dodging, but that’s not the only client-facing move Dubsado has up their sleeve!

When any automated email, including payment reminders and brochures are sent to a client via Honeybook, the HB logo is at the bottom of every. single. one. In Dubsado, all forms, questionnaires, emails and invoices contain ONLY your logo, creating a professional image for your brand and not confusing your customers.

*Ding ding ding!*

And with that, Dubsado wipes the sweat off their brow and knows there is still 1 more round left in the CRM match. It ain’t over yet.

Get 20% your first month or year using code “cwk20” at checkout!

Get 20% your first month or year using code “cwk20” at checkout!

Round 3: Features

Despite the outcome of rounds 1 and 2, Honeybook will not go down without a fight. They have been around longer, and are charging $50/year MORE than Dubsado for a reason, right? Honeybook thinks they have this crucial round in the bag.

Honeybook’s features include basic bookkeeping, a calendar that can sync to your Google Cal, tasks and a time tracker. These are a few major punches and Dubsado has fallen to the ground… Will they finally be defeated??

Dubsado stands up and slowly turns to face their opponent. This is the moment they have been waiting for, and they get ready to make their move with:

  • Individual tasks AND task boards

  • An appointment scheduler with reminders and calendar integration

  • The ability to add coupon codes for discounts

  • Financial goal-setting AND basic bookkeeping

  • Option to segment projects with tags

  • Google AND iCal integration

  • Project sources reports to see where leads come from

*Ding ding ding!*

And the crowd goes wild!!

Dubsado is the proud winner in the heated match against their toughest competitor, Honeybook.

Honeybook can definitely hang in the ring with Dubsado, but there is truly no comparison in the end! If you’ve been considering a switch, or are considering one after reading this...I would LOVE to help you out!

When Dubsado is set up correctly, it will save you TONS of time, and loads of money. It is literally like having a VA on your team for WAYYYYY less! 

Ready to make the switch?

Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with me, your go-to Dubsado set-up VA. I can’t wait to help you organize your business with an efficient client experience and automated systems!