How A NON-Client Experience Can Actually Help Your Business

I’ve started multiple businesses in my young, entrepreneurial life.

(Say ‘entrepreneurial’ three times fast, I dare you!)

One thing that all of these businesses have in common is the fact that I have to tell potential clients ‘no’, for various reasons. If you know me, you’ll understand that I HATE doing this! I’m the type of person that wants to make everyone happy, and telling someone that I couldn’t work with them made me feel like I was abandoning them.

Well, I did something about it!

>>I created a *non-client experience*.<<


And guess what?? It actually created MORE leads for my businesses! 

For example, my string ensemble business, Got Strings, receives requests from brides wanting us to play for them during their wedding ceremony. Frequently, we are fully booked on a date that a bride is inquiring about. So, when I have to tell a bride ‘no’, along with wishing her and her fiancé the best of luck and providing her with a few vendor recommendations, I also send her a guide on how to choose music for the wedding ceremony. It’s a composition (pun intended) of my music knowledge and personal experience working in the wedding industry. 

Planning a wedding takes A LOT, so if I can help out in any way to relieve that stress (even if it’s not putting any money in my pocket), I am sooo happy to do it. 

My 28-page guide is full of advice and a process of how to select music for the wedding ceremony. I have found that many brides struggle with where to find music for their ceremony. They don’t know what questions to ask or how to choose an ensemble. 

*So, I created a guide on how to do it!*

>>It’s my way of serving someone without actually getting the opportunity to serve them as a client!<<

That might sound a bit confusing, so here’s a little success story that might paint a better picture. 

Recently, I received an email from a bride saying that she would love to have Got Strings play at her wedding ceremony and that she was referred by a friend. Once we got on the phone and started talking about her big day, I found out that her friend was actually a bride that I had to turn down because I was fully booked. However, I sent her my music guide (AKA non-client experience) and SHE. LOVED. IT.

Can you believe that?! She actually recommended her friend to someone that said no to her instead of the actual group that played at her wedding?!

That is the power of a non-client experience!


I’m obviously a huge advocate for creating an exceptional client experience. That’s first and foremost. However, if you’re in a position in your business where you’re turning down work, brainstorm a couple of different ways that you can serve clients that you won’t be working with. Consider creating an unforgettable non-client experience. It might generate more business for you because of how well you serve people, whether they’re your clients or not! 

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to improve your client (or non-client!) experience, I got you, boo! Grab my free guide on how to create & automate an unforgettable client experience!

I want to make everyone happy, including you! I hope this helps! :)