How Do You Talk To Yourself?


It’s estimated we think 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day... Which, when I did the math, is an average of 4,500 thoughts per waking hour. To me, this says that the most important conversation you have every day is with yourself, and a positive mindset is crucial to your success. Today I'm covering the 4 rules I follow when talking to myself, to improve my inner dialogue and in turn, positively impact my life and business.

  1. I give myself grace.

    When I make a mistake, I forgive myself, think about what I could have done better, and don’t “beat myself up” about it… I just vow to do better necx time.

  2. If I wouldn’t say it to one of my best friends, I won’t say it to myself.

    Treat myself like a friend and talk to myself that way, because this is what keeps me intrinsically motivated.

  3. If the conversation I’m having with myself were to be broadcasted on social media, how would I feel?

    Think about if the last conversation you had with yourself was turned into an Instagram caption or Facebook Live. Are you embarrassed and ashamed? If so, it shouldn’t be going through your head.

  4. I write down positive affirmations in the morning and evening.

    Studies show that writing down positive affirmations will literally switch your mindset over to success and THAT is what will propel you forward toward reaching your goals.

So friends, i hope this was helpful to you today and i was able to shed light on exactly how to uplevel your self talk so your thoughts are actually serving you rather than doing you harm. i said this before, but the most important conversation you have every single day is with yourself so let’s all work on improving the inner dialogue to impact our life and our business!

Kristi Monte