How I Run My Entire Business With ONE System


As a VA, my specialty is helping girl bosses get organized with systems so they can spend less time doing mindless administrative tasks and more time serving their clients and making an impact in their community. I have tried every client management system you've heard of, and probably more that you haven't heard of, but I have never seen any of them do what Dubsado can do. Today, I'm going to walk you through how I use it to run my entire business and how you can too!


To automate your business in Dubsado, my recommendation is to start with your ideal client experience. Once you have every step written down, SO much can be completed automated using the workflow feature! A workflow is the steps your client takes from point A (sending an inquiry) to B (having finished with your product or service), and all of the steps in between. Dubsado makes it too easy to not have to lift a finger (goodbye manual work, hello poolside mimosas)!

Lead captures and Questionnaires

For my wedding and podcasting businesses, workflows are triggered when people fill out the lead capture form on my website. That means that when someone says they’re interested in having Got Strings play for their wedding, for example, the fact that they selected “wedding” over “special event” in a drop-down on the site automatically triggers a workflow specific to brides.

I also utilize the questionnaires feature all. the. time. in all of my businesses. When I do a complete Dubsado set up for a VA for a day client, I send a questionnaire for them to fill out with all of the necessary documents--email templates, contracts, packages, etc. for me to upload into the system. It’s really great because it keeps all of the information I need in one place, rather than in a bunch of email threads! Speaking of emails…


Dubsado literally syncs with ANY email provider. Now, I exclusively use Dubsado to send my work emails because, again, it keeps everything in one place. Are you sensing a theme here?!

clients + projects

I love that Dubsado not only keeps all of my clients in an address book with a search bar at the top for easy access, but it also organizes them by project, too. So, on my Projects page, I can see every single client I have and even add tags to them. For example, my Dubsado set-up clients are color-coded a certain way as opposed to my copywriting clients. Easy access = a less stressed Kristi!

Contracts + invoices

All of my contracts and payments are processed through Dubsado. I love that my clients can simply e-sign a contract and then in my automated workflow, they get moved from a Lead to a Job, they receive their invoice to pay their deposit, and as soon as they pay their deposit they get a link to their client portal with documents that were automatically pre-uploaded to it. All of this just by sending one contract

Client portal

Recently I was chatting with a gal about how she can use Dubsado for her wedding planning business and she was saying that the client portal, for her, is really what set this system apart from the others. The client portal is a beautifully branded space for your client to access every single thing for their project in one place--every email, their contract and invoice, questionnaires, appointments, etc. And it looks SO professional!


This Dubsado feature is a game. changer. I have never seen another client management system also allow you to schedule appointments within it, and it even freaking syncs will your iCal, Google, or Outlook Calendar so that they’re all communicating with one another! How cool is that? All you have to do is keep your availability up to date, and you send the link to a client for them to select a day and time from your schedule when they’d like to meet with you.


Some people are blown away when I say this, but I house ALL of my business finances within Dubsado. Theres a place to track expenses, and it automatically calculates your income from your invoices, and I love setting financial goals on my dashboard. You can sync your QuickBooks account so everything automatically uploads in there, and they even have the option to add on another user with the Accountant title so they can’t see everything about your business, just the finances. Hellllooooo, easy tax season!

Friends, are you convinced yet? Ever since I found Dubsado my life and business has never been the same. I know that sounds dramatic but I am SO serious!! Since using this system I’ve spent so much less time working in my business with the admin tasks and more of my time is spent dreaming for my business.

Happy organizing, automating, and dominating, my friends! And if you need help? You know where to find me!