How To Find Clients Online


If you're anything like I was a few months ago, you struggle to find clients online. You're posting into oblivion, searching through hashtags on Instagram, waiting for your dream client to pop into your inbox, and they're just not coming.

When I first started VA for a day, I was the exact same way. I needed to find clients to avoid getting a traditional 9-5... And I needed to find them fast.

I didn't like waiting around for someone to need my services. I wanted to find my clients and create demand for them.

It took months, but I finally figured out the secret...

Friend, find where your ideal client hands out online. Below, I'm going to take you step-by-step to figuring this out. 

Photo by  Meredith Graves

First, identify your ideal client!

For example, mine is a woman entrepreneur in her early 30's that left her corporate job when she had children. She accidentally started a business while being a stay-at-home mom because she is a creative-- a photographer, designer, etc--and her friends said, "You're so good at this! You should start a business!"

My ideal client has had this business for 3 years but doesn't have systems, she doesn't know what Dubsado is, and she does not have time to properly organize her business since she has young children and a house to keep up.

She listens to podcasts all day long, trying to passively absorb all the business information she can get while she runs her household, and she completely resonates with 30- ish, creative entrepreneurs.

Hence, she hangs out in their Facebook groups, membership sites, and Instagram lives!

Now you know where they are...

From there, I was able to locate relevant podcasts, Instagram profiles, and Facebook groups that I can join where she might be hanging out. Now, I'm not talking about lurking and waiting to see when someone says "I'm looking for a virtual assistant," I mean that I became a true community member... engaging, commenting, and posting.

Not only was it market research so I can listen to conversations my ideal client was having about the problems they face, but I was also enjoying engaging with these hustlers and learning from them.

So, I engaged. I started genuine conversations. I followed on Instagram and cheered them on from afar. I knew all the while that building relationships is the key to connection, and connection is not only what leads to sales... It leads to referrals.

Moral of the story:

If you are struggling to find clients, you have to engage with them, ask questions about their business, and give them a quick tip when you see them struggling that shows your expertise. 

Tangible advice for this after you've identified your ideal client is to pick 5 Facebook groups you think they are active in. Go to these groups and make a post every single day (you can simply re-word your Instagram post!) in each one.

Then, comment on 5 other posts in each community. As long as your profile is optimized to lead them to your website, that is all you have to do in these groups and your profile will do the rest to convert them to paying clients!

Since I figured this out, my business has never been the same.

Now, clients come to ME. I don't have to search for them, I don't have to worry... There is demand for my services because I actively engage with my ideal clients where they like to hang out. It is my BIGGEST secret to finding clients online and I can't wait to hear your success implementing it as well! :)

Last thing before I go!

Friend, are you thinking about starting a virtual assistant business? Starting VA for a day was the best decision I ever made. I love the remote work, the flexible hours, and the project-based work.

Recently, I have been mentoring a few ladies on how to start their VA business and we have had so. much. fun. When my Instagram followers saw how much they're learning and loving the program, many of them asked me to hold the 1:1 program again...

So, I am so excited to announce that my VA Mentorship Program is coming back by popular demand this April!

Tips like the one above are just an example of what we cover, plus things like how to organize your projects and clients, how to price your services, and how to prep your Instagram for sales.

GET ON THE WAITLIST and I will be in touch in the next few weeks!

I can't wait to help my next round of students building profitable, efficient businesses! Will you be one of them?