How Wedding Photographers Can Turn Passive Customers Into Raving Fans

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This past weekend, I had so much fun speaking at a photography retreat in Missouri by Kaitlin Mace. I taught all these small business owners how to organize their businesses and create an unforgettable client experience, to keep their clients coming back and their referrals coming in.

In fact, I taught this exact system to dozens of small business owners just in the last six months alone and I'm so excited to teach it to you today!

For an audio version of this training, be sure to click the YouTube player below. And if you want a PDF download to take notes and go even more in depth, make sure you head over to to grab yours!

The most important thing to turning passive customers into raving fans is to get clear on your client experience… And I guarantee that none of you thought I was going to say that. ;)

>>This is because every single interaction a client has with you is a reflection of your brand.<<

A workflow is the sequence in which somebody goes from point A to point B… Point A being somebody hears your name to point B being six months later or a year later, when you send your bride an anniversary card. That's the workflow; everything in between.

When crafting your client experience, below are some questions to get your wheels turning:

  • How do you want clients to get in touch with you?

  • What do you need to know about them right away, before you book a phone call... And what do they need to know about you?

  • What kinds of questions have past clients asked that you can include in your workflow to anticipate them?

  • Are there any personal touches you can include to add more value to your package

  • How often would you like to follow up with them after they have received their gallery?

    Friend, you are in control of your business. For example, if you want every single client to go through the contact form on your website, you can! That means that every single time somebody Instagram, DMs you, about a session, you just need to have a perfectly written out note in your phone that you copy and paste that says:

    "Hey, thanks so much for reaching out. Listen, it's a really busy season for me and I don't want to miss your message. Would you mind going over to this link and filling out the form there, because I can ensure the best customer service that way.”

    Nobody's gonna say no, and if they do, they're not your person. Right?

    Sample wedding photography client experience:

  • Client sends Inquiry through website

  • Client receives thank you email with “Get to know you” questionnaire

  • Client submits questionnaire and receives thank you email with a link to schedule an appointment

  • Client books appointment

  • Client receives appointment reminder 2 hours before

  • Client has call with Photographer

  • Client decides to book Photographer

  • Client receives Contract

  • Client signs Contract

  • Client receives Invoice

  • Client pays deposit

  • Client receives a link to schedule engagement session

  • Client books engagement session

  • Client receives email “What to wear” guide for engagement session 1

  • month before

  • Client receives email reminder 1 week out to engagement session

  • Engagement session occurs

  • Client receives completed gallery 2 weeks after engagement session

  • Client receives “Wedding Timeline” questionnaire 6 months before wedding

  • Client fills out questionnaire and corresponds with Photographer about Timeline

  • Client receives “Shot List” questionnaire 3 months before wedding

  • Client fills out questionnaire and corresponds with Service Provider

  • about Shot List

  • Client receives “Vendor List” questionnaire 2 months before wedding

  • Client receives email with helpful blog post or article 1 month before wedding

  • Client receives email 1 week out reminder 1 week before wedding

  • Wedding occurs

  • Client receives “Day after” thank you email

  • Client receives preview gallery 3 days after wedding

  • Client receives completed gallery 2 weeks after wedding

  • Service Provider follows up 5 days later

  • Service Provider asks for a review/testimonial 10 days later

    Service Provider checks in 3 months later

  • Service Provider sends anniversary card 1 year later

    Now, you might be thinking, why the heck is this SO detailed? Who cares about half this stuff? The answer is simple:

    >>The biggest traffic to your business you are ever going to receive is referrals and word of mouth.<<

    So if Susie hires you as her photographer, and she gets this amazing experience because you were in a slow season, but Susie refers her friend Mary, and Mary doesn't get nearly the amount of white glove service that Susie got… That is a problem, isn’t it? It completely plays with your customer expectations and it will hurt their trust in you.

    Having a thought out, exceptional client experience will ensure that every single person that you work with has the exact same experience with your brand.

    Friend, I hope you’re convinced that if you'd like to turn your wedding photography clients from passive customers to raving fans, crafting an unforgettable experience for them is a must.

    If you’d like a PDF version of this video where I go way more in depth and give you even more tangible, actionable advice, make sure to download my free 13 page guide or click the link below!