10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Client Experience

Congratulations! You are landing clients left and right. You go, girlfriend! (People still say that, right?!)

These clients are invested in you. They trust you with their business. (No pressure!) 

So, how can you ensure that they are satisfied? 

>>Give your clients a top-notch experience!<<

Here are ten ways you can turn passive customers into raving fans.


1. Personalize the onboarding process

Use client names in canned emails. Send them FAQs and links that are relevant to their project so they understand the process.

2. Anticipate questions before they are asked

Send emails or PDFs at specific points throughout the service. Your clients will feel reassured that you’re on top of your game.

3. Keep clients informed during each step of the process

While you’re hard at work, make sure your clients aren’t left in the dark. Send them a simple message updating them on what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

4. Send appointment reminders

Before calls or meetings, send a reminder to your clients. This simple task shows that you’re helpful and prepared.

5. Overdeliver

Serve your clients with additional content throughout the experience. Anything from blog posts, to FAQs, to tutorials. This shows that you’re an authority in your industry. 

6. Send a gift

This is a fun one! Give your clients a Starbucks gift card, bakery items, or a welcome packet. It’s a simple way of saying that you genuinely care.

7. Ask for feedback

Once the service has been completed, send your clients an email asking for their feedback. Not only will this help you improve your process, but it will also make your clients feel heard. 

8. Follow up shortly after service completion

Email clients with helpful tips, recommended products or services, and where they can leave a review. 

9. Offer a referral incentive

Extend gratitude to loyal customers and encourage word-of-mouth marketing by offering incentives for those who tell their friends about you. This will also save you time! It’s a win-win!

10. Follow up weeks/months after service completion

Make an effort to reach out multiple times after the project is completed. You’ll remain at the front of your clients’ minds if they need additional assistance.

There you have it, friends! Ten ways to improve your client experience. Implement these simple steps into your business, and you’ll be sure to make your clients happy AND coming back for more!

You wanna know what the best part is? With workflows, you can automate 9 out of the 10 items on this list (everything except sending a gift!). Isn’t that amazing?!

To learn how to create AND automate an unforgettable client experience, download my completely free guide and give your clients the white-glove service they deserve… Without you having to lift a finger. ;)