My Biggest Tip For Instagram Growth


You get up in the morning, have no plan for your social media and think, “Oh crap, I have to post on Instagram today.”

Frantically, you look around and finally eye your target: A plant. Or a cup of coffee. Or a pen on top of a notebook from target. “This will do,” you say.

You snap it, upload to IG, slap a mediocre caption of song lyrics or, better yet, emojis…. And you go about your day, satisfied with yourself, despite the fact that it’s gotten 13 likes.

HAVE YOU EVER DONE THIS? I’m not judging because ya girl is TOTALLY guilty as charged!

Friends, this is NOT how you grow on Instagram. In fact, my biggest tip for growth on Instagram is this:

Create relevant, targeted content that your audience WANTS to see.

Lemme say that again for the people in the back: RELEVANT, TARGETED CONTENT.

So how do you know what your audience wants to see? It’s easy, doll… Ask em!

A simple post or poll will do. Ask them what they want to see and, if you ask nicely, they’ll probably tell you.

Now your next question for me is probably, “Kristi, I don’t HAVE an audience to ASK yet.”

Great! Neither did I this time last year with around 800 followers from high school. That means you need to:

  1. Define your dream follower

  2. Write down what they might need help with or would like to see

  3. Create that

  4. Track how they reacted!

For example, if you write a solid post about interior design tips and NO one comments and the only people who like it are your mom and BFF, there’s a pretty solid chance that your audience doesn’t care about interior design tips. Test another tip next week to be sure, and if it still doesn’t do well, let that ship sink and try something else.

Yo, did this help you?? Head to @coffeewithkristi on Instagram and let me know if you’d like more tips just like this one. I can’t WAIT to see you grow on IG!