Instagram Made Easy With Batchworking


Have you ever seen those perfect bloggers being paid to travel the world and wear the cutest outfits and think “Why can’t I do that?” Today on the podcast (listen above!) I’m giving away my biggest tips to help YOU live the life of your dreams just by showing up online.

The episode is packed with applicable step-by-step instructions, but the biggest thing I talked about was batchworking. Here are a few BONUS tips I wanted to give you here, since I didn’t have time to cover them in the episode!

First, what is it?

Batchworking is when you sit down and make your Instagram content once, and not have to worry about it for another week, 2 weeks, or even a month. I do this bi-weekly to make sure I’m being strategic with my posts and I’m not taking any more time than I have to to write my captions.

The benefit of this is to be super focused and not get distracted while you switch tasks. Be sure to completely zero in on your work when batchworking your content and give yourself a few breaks to keep your mind fresh and your creativity flowing.

Give yourself a reward!

After you’ve finished, feel free to celebrate! After all you just wrote a month’s worth of content in one sitting!

Don’t be afraid to divert from the plan.

Just because your content is pre-written does not mean that if, 3 weeks from now you’re feeling inspired to speak to your audience about something, you can’t post about it. Feel free to be flexible and re-arrange your posts throughout the month as needed.

Create diverse content...

But not too diverse. What I mean by this is that a lot of people get caught up in trying to look super multi-faceted that their feed becomes super confusing. I dive into this in Episode 15, how to identify the pillars of your profile, so be sure to give that episode a listen before you get started!

Well ladies, those are my batchworking bonus tips for you! I find it really ironic that I batchworked this post about batchworking... #meta

Be sure to listen to the episode above to get ALL of my tips to make Instagram easy!!