Profitable Instagram Story Strategies in 2019

If you follow me on Instagram @coffeewithkristi, you know I’m a HUGE fan of Instagram stories. I feel like I have my own little TV show!

Friends, stories are the BEST way to market your business in 2019 . If you’d like to turn your followers into customers, below are the top 10 ways I use Instagram stories strategically for my business [and you can too!].

  1. Show your face.

    There’s something about recording videos of you talking to the screen that causes your followers to know, like, and trust you. *And of course, this leads to sales, my friend!*

  2. Speak to your ideal follower.

    I know who my ideal follower is, and because of that it is easier to create content in her language, use her slang, and ultimately create content she resonates with.

  3. Pay attention to your viewer stats.

    I love that Instagram shows you how many people watch your stories from slide to slide. I keep an eye on what sort of content retains viewers the best and continue making content like that.

  4. Hook them in on slide 1.

    Give your followers a reason to watch all of your slides. I do this by telling people what they will learn or gain from watching this story, both out loud and using the text feature!

  5. Think of your stories chronologically.

    Your Instagram stories, especially when you are audience-building and focused on growth, should have a beginning, middle, and end. This creates bingable content *kind of like watching The Haunting At Hill House all the way to the end, knawmmsayin’???*

  6. Encourage direct messages.

    Make sure your followers know you care about your opinion and ask for them to DM you something related to the topic you’re discussing in your story. Plus, this simple action will send a message to the algorithm that you two are friends, and they will see more of your content in the future!

  7. Utilize Instagram’s engagement tools.

    The app has built-in algorithm-boosting stickers! These tools include polls, questions, emoji sliders, quizzes, etc.

  8. Poll your audience.

    I love to use Instagram stories to ask my audience what content they want to see or hear from me. The question box sticker is an extremely useful way to do this *and usually, they will surprise you!*

  9. Teach your followers.

    If you want to become an authority in your niche, it is important to do so by conducting “mini-trainings” in your Instagram stories. However, keep in mind you should always be creating what your followers need to hear ,not what YOU want to share.

  10. Document, don’t create.

    Recently I’ve been doing an experiment on my stories where I simply document my day for my audience and you guys are LOVING it! Show your followers your *real* life and you’ll be shocked at how positively they respond.


Friend, Instagram stories increase the know, like, and trust factor which is the best way to get people to buy your shit. 

>>They create raving fans instead of passive scrollers.<<

To connect with my and check out my awesome IG skilllllzzz, head to @coffeewithkristi on Instagram. You won’t regret it, doll! :)