Jumping Without A Net

Photo by Hannah Joy Photography

Photo by Hannah Joy Photography

Today we’re talking about taking risks, biting the bullet, and jumping without being totally sure that a net will be there to catch us.

So, I’ve always been a really pragmatic, calculated planner. That is exactly the reason why my plans post-grad have given me HELLA anxiety.

This summer, I moved 16 hours from home with my boyfriend, a few thousand dollars, and no job. We signed a lease to rent a house we can barely afford in East Nashville, TN and on June 1st, we jumped. We jumped into post grad, unemployed life and adulted like our lives depended on it.

Taking a risk like this was scary. Like, pee-your-pants-a-little during a horror movie, scary.

(I can’t be the only one who’s done that… right?)

But really. Moving to a new state, knowing no one but my boyfriend, planning on being a full-time freelancer and “winging it”? It is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But you know what?

It had to be done. If I had stayed in my comfort zone, lived in the town I grew up in, and didn’t face life head on.. I’m sure would have been fine. Comfortable. Great, even.

But I wouldn’t have learned how to trust my intuition. I wouldn’t have pursued my passions but submitted to a 9-5. I wouldn’t have gotten over my obsessive need to plan EVERYthing. And that growth is absolutely priceless! It’s worth the stress over money, the heartbreak of missing family gatherings, and the difficult decision of turning down full-time job offers to be my own boss.

So, this is for you, girl, if you are considering jumping without being sure a net will catch you. I’m here to tell you from experience… DO IT! Just do it. There WILL be a net that appears and you are MORE than capable of flying through the free fall beforehand.

Believe in yourself like I believe in you, and you’ll be so happy you just did the damn thing.