My Million Dollar Plan


Today, I’m letting you see the gray-haired slightly-balding man behind the curtain, like in the Wizard of Oz.

And by that, I mean I’m outlining my newest offer, packages, and plans to upsell in a follow-up formula.

Yep, I’m going there!

Recently I had an idea to sell the guides and tutorials I had created for my Virtual Assistant Mentorship Program to create more passive income in my business. So, my friend Greg and I brainstormed how to package them up and sell them as a package.

Then, in a meeting with my mentor Jasmine Star, she outlined for me this 3-package plan that kind of resembles the 3 little bears (I think that’s what they’re called… You know, the “too hot,” “too cold,” “just right,” thing?)

Anyway, the 3 offers, as she outlined, look like this:

  • $47: Pricing Guide

  • $197: Guide Bundle containing 15 Guides + 3 tutorials

  • $497: Guide Bundle containing 15 Guides + 3 tutorials, one 1 hour 1:1 mentorship call, access to private Facebook group, and Virtual Services Directory

The intention behind this model is that it is designed to make the user choose the middle package, the most expensive passive offer.

But here’s where it gets good.

After someone buys the $197 package, I am going to put them into an automated email sequence to upsell them on the 1:1 call for only $247 over the next few days.

Isn’t that brilliant?!

You’re probably going to think I’m nuts for telling you this but whatever! I recorded this podcast episode and wrote a blog post specifically with the hope that you’ll be able to translate this into YOUR business.

Friend, my wish is for you to take this “little bears” concept and apply them to your site, to make more sales and increase your passive income because it’s just too good!

If you’ve ever used a process like this, I’d love to celebrate your success. Drop a comment below and give me your best piece of advice!