My YouTube Strategy

Photo by  Meredith Graves

This week, I impulse-bought a $735 camera and vlogging gear.


But let me back up and tell you why!

I was watching a Gary Vee video on YouTube (don’t ask which one because I absorb so much of his content, it all runs together), and he said something that really made me think. He said:

Right now, in 2018, it is irresponsible for you to not take advantage of every single free marketing platform there is.

I realized that out of all the ways to connect with my audience, I had it down with my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and podcast. But you know what I was missing?

The second most commonly used search engine in the world, where people spend over 21 minutes on average when visiting (2x as much as their time spent on Google or Facebook): YOUTUBE.

I thought, that really is irresponsible.

I’m leaving out an entire market of people who don’t read blogs or listen to podcasts! There are so many people that I could be connecting with that enjoy watching YouTube videos.

>>I feel that as a business owner, it is my responsibility to deliver content to my audience in the form they like to receive it.<<

So, I purchased a camera. And as I head into the video space and start my vlog journey, I figured I'd let you know what you can expect to hear from me, and give you insight into my strategy.

When I decided to start the channel, I followed 4 steps. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: I identified my goal.

The goal is NOT to be considered a “YouTuber,” get YouTube famous, or even have a lot of subscribers. The goal, my friends, is to simply add video to the arsenal of content that I put out each week in the hopes of reaching another market. Whether that’s 5 or 50 people, I am not concerned. I just want to create content for them.

Step 2: I brainstormed what kind of content would go on the YouTube channel.

This is where it gets tricky, you know, because I obviously have this blog, I make daily IG stories and posts, I have a weekly podcast. Listen to the podcast episode on the player above to hear how I determined what kind of content goes on which platform (hint: it has to do with how long the subjects are!).

Step 3: I figured out how often I would post videos.

I have to say, this part was pretty easy, because on Tuesdays I blog, Thursdays i go live on instagram, and on Fridays I podcast. So, a weekly Wednesday video it was! I knew i could handle that.

Step 4: I brainstormed short-form content ideas.

I have so much to share from each of my businesses and have learned so much from each of those things that this was pretty simple. I can think of content all day! I decided I wanted my YouTube channel to be all about how to build a business around your lifestyle, rather than letting your business dictate the way you live. So, a few of the topics I have lined up are around that!

Well, that‘s my strategy! I look forward to sharing my life and giving you tips and tricks in a whole new way but hey, dont worry. If you’re a huge podcast listener or blog reader, I gotchu boo. This Coffee with Kristi isn’t going anywhere--I’m just adding ANOTHER Coffee with Kristi channel to serve you up even more content.

So friend, now that we’ve gotten to this point, here is my formal invitation to you to watch my brand new YouTube channel! Obviously it’s called Coffee with Kristi so just click this link right here and maybe you’ll be my first subscriber! ;) See you there!

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