Organizing Contacts In Trello With Proven Follow-Up Strategy

Superior service is the best way to retain customers but do you have an organized way to make sure you don't miss a single step in your follow-up?

Whether you're in direct sales, run a product or service-based business, or own a brick and mortar shop, following up with your customers is the best way to foster relationships and encourage repeat sales. Today I am so excited to give you the one simple way that I organize all of my contacts in an app called Trello to keep the sales rolling in.

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Now before head over to the tutorial, let's talk about what the follow-up formula is.

I first heard about this over two years ago when I joined my direct sales company, SeneGence International. And what we're taught when following up with our customers is the rule two, two, two.

You're supposed to follow-up with them two days after they purchase, two weeks after that sale, and then every two months after that until they make another purchase again and then the process starts all over again.


This formula works so well for any type of business because it keeps you and your business front of mind for your customer without coming across too sales-y.

The key with following up with people is to be really conversational. It's not like you're messaging people two weeks after the sale to be like, "Hey, want to buy something else?" It's just taking note of something that they told you in the last conversation to say, "Hey, I remember last time we talked and your dog was going to the vet. How's your dog doing?" It's a really, really simple way but it is so effective.

And so now, we're going to get into the tutorial for me to show you exactly how I organize all of my contacts and keep track of all of these different conversations in my follow-up formula. So let's go to the tutorial.

Friends, I hope this tutorial taught you how to properly follow-up with your customers and how to organize your contacts accordingly. If you liked this video, please let me know by subscribing to Coffee With Kristi on YouTube and sharing it with your fellow entrepreneur friends!

Kristi Monte