Why + How You Should Hire A Personal Brand Photographer

Everyone asks me how I have so many pictures of myself for social media and the answer is always the same: I get quarterly brand photoshoots with my personal brand photographer Weatherly… And she is ahMAzing!

Today I’m introducing you to my dear friend Weatherly Hulsey while she answers your biggest questions surrounding personal branding. 

Why do personal brand photos matter?

“It’s a whole other level of professionalism.” If you don’t take your brand seriously, no one else will!

What is more important on social media: captions or photos?

Weatherly confidently answered this question with, “Photos, because that’s what’s going to make you stop. You have to get that first amount of attention, and THEN people will read the caption.”

What kind of photos does your brand need?

It completely depends on your brand, but your photographer should help you develop a plan based on your goal. Your goal should not be “beautiful photos” but more tailoring them to your personality, making sure the photos resonate with your target audience, and are consistent with your overall brand message. Your photographer just needs to know what you want to showcase.

What should someone look for in a personal brand photographer?

You need someone who understands you and has a deeper understanding of branding. Also, you want to look for someone with diverse experience, who can shoot you in a studio, outside in natural light, in your kitchen, etc.

How often should you have personal branding photoshoots?

Weatherly either does quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Monthly and bi-monthly clients are influencers who typically need product photos done because they work with many different brands. It depends how often you’re posting, what kind of engagement you need, if you are blogging every day, or if you need a photographer to follow you to different events.

What is something you wish people knew about personal brand photography?

“The return on investment is pretty incredible… Nobody has ever come back and said ‘I didn’t grow at all.’” I can totally back this up because the Coffee with Kristi audience has grown from around 800 to over 4,500 in the past year since I’ve been working with Weatherly!

Well, there you have it my friends!

I hope this helped you learn more about personal brand photography and you love Weatherly just has much as I do.

If you have any more questions for me or Weatherly on this topic, feel free to comment below and we’ll have a conversation!

Personal brand photography has truly made sure I am putting my best foot forward throughout all of my social media channels and website. It is an investment that has paid back ten-fold and I know it will be worth it for you too!