Podcasting 101

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I believe those with a personal brand or business should use three forms of content delivery in their business plan: video, audio, and written word. Blogs and captions make all of us poets, and aside from YouTube, features to other social media networks like facebook live video, IGTV and instagram stories make video much more accessible. But many of us are missing the audio component that, in 2018, is crucial to establish credibility and relatability with virtually any audience.

Why podcasts?

I feel like people value their TIME more now than ever. If we can get MORE done in LESS time, that’s the goal! Therefore, podcasts are on the rise because people love personal development and entertainment wrapped in one--but they don't want to sit down and watch a video or read a blog post anymore. They like that they can turn it on while multi-tasking--in the shower, while driving, cleaning, cooking, etc. because they value their TIME.

With that being said, by now I hope I’ve piqued your interest on how to start podcasting, but I have a feeling a lot of you are already thinking, “I could never do that.” Today on the podcast, mine and Addison’s mission is to demystify what it’s like to be a podcaster, tell you what equipment to use, what hosting platform to use, and more.

Okay, let’s assume you have a kick-ass idea for a podcast. If you don’t have a topic, there might be a resource for you at the end of this post. ;)

But, assuming you know what the world needs to hear and you know you’re the one who can deliver it, you’re going to need some important things to get started. Here’s where Addison comes in!


To record a podcast, you need two main things: a microphone and recording software. You can get pretty crazy (and by that we mean nerdy!) with your software, but for new podcasters, Addison recommends a simple Blue Microphone and GarageBand, if you’re a Mac user.

Intro and Outro Music

There are different stock music options online that are royalty-free, meaning they are free to use by anyone. This is a great option if you’re tight on money, but if you’re willing to invest a little in your new show, we both recommend finding someone who can compose custom Intro and Outro music specifically for your podcast. This way it will be exactly what you envision and customized to your liking!

Actually Recording

When you record you want to be in a quiet room with as little background noise as possible. In addition, you need to be as close as you can to the microphone--even if it feels a little awkward. This will ensure clean, crisp audio and an enjoyable listening experience for your audience.

Hosting Sites

When you Google, “How to get my podcast on iTunes,” you’re going to see countess hosting sites--which is where your podcast lives and is distributed to all of the major plaforms. After doing a lot of research, Addison and I have found the most sleek in design, user-friendly, and affordable hosting platform is BuzzSprout. To upload up to 3 hours of content per month, it only costs $12 and they make it SO easy to apply for your podcast to be on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play,  and Stitcher!

There is so much more we can talk to you on this topic but we sincerely hope that gave you a glimpse into the the podcasting world. And now for an exciting announcement… We’re starting a business together! A&K Podcast Services!

We will do everything for new podcasters in house--free consultation, write your intro and outro music, produce, edit, publish your podcast, write show notes, even provide an audiogram for your Instagram story!

And for those of you who are interested in starting your very own podcast but are not a little nervous to investing a few hundred dollars every month on a brand new passion project, we don't want you to give up on your show! That's why we created a self-paced online course that walks you through every step of the podcasting process. Check it out and see for yourself that podcasting doesn't have to be overwhelming, time-consuming, or costly!

Seriously--go do it! :)