How To Promote Your Podcast To Have Excited Listeners The Day You Launch


You just worked behind-the-scenes on your new podcast and you feel like all you’ve done is live, eat, and breathe this material for the past few weeks. You may be a little tired and a lot excited… and the second you put the finishing touches on Episode 1, you’re ready to announce it to your audience right then and there, and get that episode in the earbuds of everyone you know.

Although that’s tempting, as a podcasting expert this is one of the most common mistakes I see new podcasters make: forgetting to promote their new show.

Consider this…

Your audience does not know that you’ve been working tirelessly for the past month to get your fab content out to the world. In fact, they may have no idea that you’re even an expert in your topic yet.

The Marketing Rule of 7 states someone must be exposed to something 7 times before they take action on it. And with people's short attention spans, that number is going up by the day!

Below, I'm going to give you some ways to promote your show weeks in advance, so that you have excited listeners on day 1.

Treat your podcast promotion like any launch in your business.

When crafting the perfect launch plan, look at how many weeks you have before your podcast launches and work backwards. When making the outline, I encourage you to create the promotional content beforehand such as Instagram and Facebook captions, promotional photos and videos, and make graphics.

For the first 2 weeks of your 4-week launch, it is time to give them added value and free content.

Serve your audience with information and content about your podcast's subject. If you're launching a business podcast, for example, you can teach small tips and give basic business advice in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, blog posts, etc. This will begin warming your audience up and get them used to learning from you.

On week 3, position yourself as an expert in your field.

You will have sort-of been doing this the last two weeks, but on week 3 I encourage you to convince your audience that they need whatever it is you have. You don't have to brag, but telling stories about how many years you have been in business/teaching this subject will help establish credibility.

Finally on week 4, it’s time to promote, promote, promote!

You can get really creative with this, but in the week leading up to your podcast launch you should be promoting it really hard on social media. Decide if you want to be sneaky and not tell your audience what is coming, or if you want to build suspense and make your "big announcement" the day of. Either way, be sure to pump them up!

In mine and Addison’s course How To Launch A Podcast In 30 Days, I elaborate on each point in greater detail and discuss launch plans further in our private Facebook group, but I hope you understand the point from this post. Take the time to think out your promotional launch plan and you will have way more people listening right from the beginning of your new show!

Good luck with creating your launch plan—I’m here for you always if you need help. Happy podcasting, friends!

Kristi Monte