So You Think You Want To Start A Podcast


As I reflect on my year during the last few days of 2018, hands down the best decision I made was to start a podcast back in June. It allowed me to discover my voice and empowered me to tell my story… And surprisingly you guys listen! Although I guess it’s not surprising… the numbers speak for themselves.

  • According to, as of 2018, there are over 630,000 podcasts on iTunes

  • 44% of the population has listened to a podcast

  • 56% are men and 44% are women

  • 80% of listeners tune in to all or most of each episode, and they listen to an average of 7 shows per week

I know these numbers are staggering and I’m sure it’s not surprising that they are climbing DAILY. I know that in my own personal experience, podcasting has grown my influence as well as my profits, generating more leads, traffic, and sales to my businesses. Plus, it has empowered me to be myself, share my story and get my message out to the world!

The thing is, when I first thought of the idea to start a podcast, I thought I didn’t have any content. I was like, “No one cares about my day-to-day life with Addison and our crazy rollercoaster of a life.” But after over 6 months of growing an audience while being completely goofy on my podcast episodes and Instagram stories, I realized that EVERYone has a story to tell. And guess what? NONE of it is boring, uninteresting, or anything else you may think.

Let’s talk through this chica! Today we’re going through the 7 questions you should ask yourself before starting a podcast to get clear on your message. They are:

  1. What are you an expert in?

  2. What could you talk about at least once per week for months, maybe years, and not get sick of?

  3. Who is your target audience? (Be as specific as possible!)

  4. Will you upload in seasons, or indefinitely?

  5. Will you record solo shows or interviews, or both?

  6. How long will your episodes be?

  7. WHY are you starting a podcast?

I don’t know about you, but it’s killing me that I didn’t have enough room in this post to elaborate on each these points!

Think that podcasting is right for you? Well girlie, you’re in luck because I have a self-paced online course on this very topic! That’s right, ya girl is doing she has NEVER done before and created a 4-module, jam-packed course to help YOU tell your story in 2019.

Click here to learn more—I can’t WAIT to answer your questions, help you get clear on your message, and teach you that podcasting does not have to be hard. See you in our private Facebook group!!

Kristi Monte