Speaking to Your Dream Client

Recently I was thinking about how important it is to define your dream client and stick with that, ESPECIALLY when someone says “No, I’m not your ideal client.”

>>If we don't know who we're talking to, then how the heck are they going to come to us?<<

That’s attraction marketing, people! It is crucial to use carefully devised techniques to speak to your ideal client so they absolutely NEED to buy your product or service because it’s PERFECT for them.

Here’s the kicker….

Attraction marketing is also repellant marketing. 

That means that some people will be turned away by what you do. Now friend, I KNOW that sounds scary!

We’re in business! We don't want to repel people, right? We want to make all the sales! We want to make all the money! 

But let me tell you a little secret…

>>If you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.<<

Focus on one type of person and sell to them. Don't talk to anybody else, just focus on your dream client and you're going to have a much higher success rate.

“So, Kristi, how do I find my dream client?”

I’m glad you asked! :) 


Define your dream client

Basically, define who they are as a person. 

Think about their gender, age, and relationship status. Consider where they live and if they have kids. Do some research and determine how much they make for a living. 

Most importantly, ask yourself what keeps them up at night. That’s where you come in and SAVE THE DAY. 

Speak to your dream client

Now that you know practically everything about your ideal client from the clothes on their back to their innermost thoughts, you’re ready to learn how to speak to them!

1. Identify their pain point

This is what keeps them up at night. Something that is constantly in the back of their minds.

Once you’ve determined this, figure out how YOU can fix it. 

Side note: I touched on this topic in a previous blog post about starting an online business. Go check it out, because figuring out the pain point for your clients is pretty much the first step in starting a business! 

2. Determine potential objections they might have

YOU know that your product or service is totally worth the investment, but how can you convey that to your client?

Use their potential objections (cost, time, lack of knowledge on the subject, etc.) and create some marketing copy. This way, you’ve answered their questions for them before they’ve even had a chance to ask!


Not only will they think you’re a mind reader (which would totally be a kickass superpower to have), but they will be dying to try it out for themselves now that you’ve clarified everything for them.

3. Speak their language

Your ideal client will respond to your sales pitch if you talk like they do. *mic drop*

Use words like “lol” and “hashtag” if you’re reaching out to millenials. For the older (read: more experienced) generation, terms like “whippersnapper” and “back in my day” will really resonate. [Or not… I don’t know, I’m not OLD! ;)]

4. Tell a story

“Facts tell, stories sell.”

This is so.freaking.true.

Seriously, a story is where the emotion lies.

Using emotion and personal experiences will really reel in clients because they know you’re invested. They will feel at ease knowing that they can trust you.

Another side note: this point is also mentioned in my blog about making money in an MLM. Telling stories is a HUGE selling point in network marketing, so head on over and read it!

So, all in all, it’s really not that difficult to identify your dream client. Once you’ve figured out the exact type of person that you’d love working with all of the time, you’ll have an increase in sales and a much higher conversion rate (and best of all, more $$$ in your pocket).

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Kristi Monte