Stevie’s Story

Welcome to Storytime with Kristi, my spin-off of Coffee with Kristi, where I create my very own time capsule, one blog post at a time! Today’s post is featuring Stevie Nicks.

No, not the Fleetwood Mac singer (although that’d be one hell of a story).

I’m talking about feline Stevie Nicks, the adorable little kitten that Addison and I adopted a week ago. 

In that short amount of time, Stevie has had quite a remarkable journey, including knocking on death’s door. I wanted to document Stevie’s story (mostly for myself), so I can look back on it as sort of a journal entry in the life of little Stevie.

Once upon a time…

About two weeks ago, Addison and I decided that we wanted a kitten. We already have a guinea pig named Scout, and an adult cat named Freddie Mercury (yes, we’re clearly obsessed with rock singers). We wanted to add another furry friend to our family, so we looked on Craigslist and found a listing for two kittens that were $80 each.

We went over to the lady’s house that was selling the kittens, and we were immediately drawn to the runt of the litter. She was this adorable little white kitten with gray spots. She was playful but also very chill, and soooo tiny. We couldn’t wait to take her home one week later after she was spayed.


So, last Wednesday when we picked her up, we found out that she wasn’t able to get spayed because she was only 1.5 pounds, and the minimum weight is two pounds in order to have the procedure done. No biggie.

We were also given antibiotics and eye medication for her because she had a bit of a cold. Again, we didn’t think much of it.

Once we got home and got Stevie acclimated in our mudroom (due to her being infested with fleas), we began to see her declining. We spent two days giving her flea baths and loving on her, but her cold kept getting worse. 

By Saturday, she stopped playing altogether and just slept ALL THE TIME. She seemed super depressed and would not eat. We realized that her cold was probably an upper respiratory infection, and her antibiotics didn’t seem to be helping at all.

After a looooong night of Addison sleeping by Stevie’s side in the mudroom, we decided to take her to the emergency vet on Sunday morning (special shout out to Nashville Veterinary Specialists for taking such great care of our little fluff ball).

The vets at NVS evaluated her, took X-rays, and determined that her upper respiratory infection had developed into pneumonia. Which totally sucked.

>>Hearing that our eight-week old kitten that didn’t even weigh two pounds had pneumonia sounded like a death sentence.<<

On top of that, the X-ray also showed that she had an enlarged heart, which baffled the vets. Because of this issue, they were unable to give her IV fluids or IV meds because they didn’t want to overwhelm her heart. They were, however, able to switch antibiotics since the one she was taking didn’t seem to be working.

Although we were heartbroken for Stevie, we left her there for the next two days. They took such great care of Stevie, and had her in this little incubator-type thing that supplemented her with oxygen and constant heat so she was comfortable. *But, she still wasn’t eating.*

On Monday, the cardiologist looked at Stevie and determined that there was nothing wrong with her heart [it was just a little big for her body which is basically thecutesthingever], so they were able to start her on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. We were hopeful that this would be the turning point!

As the days passed, we knew that the vet bill would be piling up. Heck, we had to budget our money in order to pay for Stevie’s adoption fee which was only $80! We couldn’t afford to spend endless money on a kitten...

Although we wanted to keep her at the animal hospital as long as possible, we took her home with us on Tuesday night because we just couldn’t afford the cost any longer. 

As we were leaving, we were given her antibiotics and some wet food to try and get her to eat, but things were still looking pretty grim.

>>We were told that if things weren’t improving by Friday to call the vets because we would need to start discussing euthanasia.<<


We really didn’t know what to expect. We took her home with the hopes that basically all of the love and care that we could give her would pull her through.

Lo and behold, ten minutes after walking through our door, Stevie was gulping down three or four tablespoons of milk replacement formula! NO JOKE!

She began to drink water and eat some food, and every hour she would become more and more playful. She was so happy, and so were we!

We were constantly cuddling her. We let her sleep in our bed. We even took her into the bathroom every time one of us would shower, to try and clear up the gunk in her eyes and nose. 

That’s how much we love this little kitten!

Here we are on Thursday, and Stevie is currently chowing down her fourth meal of the day. I think it’s safe to say that she’s recovering remarkably well. It’s amazing what modern medicine and a little TLC can do! (oh yeah, and $2,000...hahaha….ha...) 

>>In 15 years, I hope to be cuddling with Stevie, and remember how hard she fought to be with us.<<

I know that Addison and I will look back on this experience and be so grateful for the decision we made, even if it cost us a wee bit more than the original $80 adoption fee!

I honestly can’t even put into words how appreciative I am of the support that I received from my IG tribe and FB group over the past week during this emotional roller coaster. (Be sure to join us if you’re not part of that community already! Instagram: @coffeewithkristi & Facebook: Coffee with Kristi)

We support each other through terrifying cat experiences, nerve-wracking business ventures, and SO MUCH MORE! Come be a part of the girl gang and lemme give you a virtual hug. xo