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Mine vs. Yours: A Guide To Money Management For Co-Habitating Couples

Every year, money shows up in the leading reasons why couples fight and why they divorce. But what about unmarried couples co-habitating? How do these conversations (or lack thereof) affect them? In this episode I tackle this taboo topic and share how Addison and I have been navigating our living expenses in our relationship since we’ve moved in together. Do you need to have a money chat with your main squeeze?

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To Move Out Or Not To Move Out

Whether we’re 18 or 28, we all eventually take the leap and move out. We get out of our comfort zones and start officially *dun dun dun* adulting. This decision can be a little daunting, I’m not gonna lie! Theres usually a lot of thought, deliberation, and discussions with our folks. So today, I’m giving you the top 3 things to consider before leaving the nest!

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