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My Biggest Business Mistake

Recently someone asked me what is the biggest mistake I’ve made in my businesses and I completely ignored the question. Seriously! It’s silly to admit but I completely ignored them because the truth is, I knew EXACTLY what my biggest business mistake is.

I was embarrassed that I let it happen, that it went on for so long, that I didn’t speak up… So today I’m opening up to tell you about my biggest business mistake, in the hopes that you’ll learn from my experience.

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5 Practical Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business

Thinking of turning your passion into profits? Today, I’m going to teach you 5 practical things you should know before starting a business (from someone who’s done it 5 times!).

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How Wedding Photographers Can Turn Passive Customers Into Raving Fans

This past weekend, I had so much fun speaking at a photography retreat in Missouri by Kaitlin Mace. I taught all these small business owners how to organize their businesses and create an unforgettable client experience, to keep their clients coming back and their referrals coming in. In fact, I taught this exact system to dozens of small business owners just in the last six months alone and I'm so excited to teach it to you today!

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Should You Have Multiple Businesses On The Same Website?

“Kristi, I just started another business. Can I put it on my current website and Instagram, or do I have to start a new one?”

Are you wondering the same thing? I get this question all the time, because I’m a 5x business owner myself. Although it took some time and a few years of trial and error, I’ve definitely figured out the answer on how to determine if you should combine websites and social channels for different businesses—and that’s what I’m going to teach you today!

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How I Run My Entire Business With ONE System

As a VA, my specialty is helping girl bosses get organized with systems so they can spend less time doing mindless administrative tasks and more time serving their clients and making an impact in their community. I have tried every client management system you've heard of, and probably more that you haven't heard of, but I have never seen any of them do what Dubsado can do. Today, I'm going to walk you through how I use it to run my entire business and how you can too!

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