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BuzzSprout vs. Libsyn: Which Is The ONLY Podcast Host I'll EVER Recommend

When I first started my podcast, I signed up with Anchor, Pippa, and Libsyn (three major hosting sites you'd find on Google) and to be honest, I was not really impressed by any of them.

Anchor was way confusing and Pippa was expensive, so Libsyn ended up being my podcasting platform for the first few months of my show.

But Libsyn turned out to be a total disaster.

This post will outline the top 3 reasons why BuzzSprout is the ONLY podcasting host I will recommend to my students.

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Podcasting 101

I feel like people value their TIME more now than ever. If we can get MORE done in LESS time, that’s the goal! Therefore, podcasts are on the rise because people love personal development and entertainment wrapped in one--but they don't want to sit down and watch a video or read a blog post anymore. They like that they can turn it on while multi-tasking--in the shower, while driving, cleaning, cooking, etc. because they value their TIME.

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