Why Taylor Swift Is A Marketing Genius + How You Can Apply It To Your Business

Can I be real with you for a second?

  • Taylor Swift is talented, no doubt about it… She’s not the best singer you’ve ever heard, but she can sing.

  • Mah girl can write lyrics… She’s not the best songwriter, but she’s good.

  • T. Swizzle is gorgeous… She’s not the most beautiful person in the world, but she’s pretty.

My point is, Taylor Swift is great at what she does, but she’s still a normal person! There have been plenty of singer/songwriters that are more talented, more connected, more attractive, and more relatable that have not turned into the Queen of Pop like Taylor has.

>>What really sets Taylor Swift apart from the rest is her marketing abilities.<<

Taylor has not withstood the test of time because she is more talented than everyone else, but because she markets herself like a genius! Let’s chat about 3 ways Taylor Swift is a marketing genius and even how you can apply these lessons to your business.


    Taylor starts marketing her singles months before they are released, like random pop-up murals or cryptic messages hidden in her album covers. She does this because it makes people wonder what she is coming out with next to create demand before her fans even know WHAT she’s releasing.

    How you can apply this to your business: What would it look like if the next time you were releasing a podcast episode, YouTube video, product, or blog post you posted a single Instagram post 1 month out with the caption, “30 days”?


    Everyone knows that in the last few years since streaming platforms have increased in popularity, physical album sales have gone down. “Gone are the days when people bought albums!” everyone in the music industry cried. Instead, Taylor challenged the new trend and created incentives for people to buy her physical albums. For example, when selling her latest album Lover, Taylor put 30 pages of her childhood journal pages in each CD jacket *120 different pages over all 4 deluxe editions of her album!* Not only did this incentivize people to buy the album, but it encouraged her die-hard fans to buy 4 times the amount of CD’s they would have to get all of the journal pages!

    How you can apply this to your business: asdfghj


    Friend, listen to me very carefully: Give your people what they want to get them to do what you want. Taylor knew that people did not want to buy her albums when they could stream it for free. She knew she had to listen to her fans, understand what they want from her [AKA more realness, stories behind the songs, and backstory of her life], and she gave it to them in exchange for their purchase.

    How you can apply this to your business: It is important to realize that marketing is not shoving shit down people’s throat… It’s a give and take. In your business, ask your clients for feedback and use it to give your ideal client VALUE [such as a free guide, blog post, a signing gift, etc.]. They will return the favor!

So friends, I’m going to leave you with this: You can delight your customers by underpromising and overdelivering.

>>Create anticipation for your product before people even know what you’re offering, and give more than you get.<<

If you follow this advice, you’d be The Man. ;)