To Move Out Or Not To Move Out

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One of the most life-changing things 18-20somethings do is move out. Some of us are forced out at 18 by our parents, some of us get out as soon as we can in search of independence and freedom, others have the option to stay or go, and choose to stay… or go.

It’s different for everyone, whether we’re 18 or 28. But we all eventually take the leap, get out of our comfort zones, and start officially *dun dun dun* adulting. This decision can be a little daunting, I’m not gonna lie! Theres usually a lot of thought, deliberation, and discussions with our folks. So today, I’m giving you the top 3 things to consider before leaving the nest!

1. Assess your finances.

Most of us don’t have to pay rent to sleep in the bed we used to wet as a kid. Soooo, we often take advantage of the fridge that’s always stocked and the never-ending supply of toilet paper! But once you move out, girlie, all of that changes. Word to the wise: Save. Up!

2. Determine whether you’re renting or buying.

When you move out, you’ll have two options: rent or buy. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so let’s chat about them! When you buy a house, condo, or apartment, you are in charge of EVERYthing… the good, the bad, the broken, and the awesome. If you’re buying, make sure you know that everything in that house is your responsibility… Which can be a little tricky for a 20something.

Now let’s talk about renting. Here are some advantages of renting: if you don’t know if you want to stay in the town you’re living, appliances are your landlord’s responsibility, and if you’re in an apartment complex, you can take advantage of the clubhouse (holla, free coffee 24/7)! Finally, there are two disadvantages to renting. The first is that you are constantly pouring money into a place you don’t even own, and you can’t do some things (i.e paint or poke holes in the wall) since the place isn’t yours. All things considered though, I think renting is the way to go for a 20something… At least it was for us!

3. Consider a roommate.

For 20somethings, it’s really not a bad idea to get a roomie. For one, it takes the financial burden of you, because you can split mutual bills like rent, water, electric, and gas. A roommate is also beneficial for less obvious reasons, like lending a helping hand bringing in groceries or simply to be there. Your 20’s can be some of the loneliest times of our lives as we transition out of school and into adulthood. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone is in the next room!

So, there you have it! I know this decision can be kind of scary and there is a lot to consider. A lot of us have to make the call without knowing what to think about beforehand, so I hope you feel more equipped to make the decision: to move out or not to move out!