Booked Out VA: How I Turn Followers Into Customers

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I started my virtual assistant business in July of 2018 and VA for a day has come a LONG way since. I was not successful in the beginning… but today, I am always booked out at least 4 weeks in advance with 3 high-ticket clients per week without using ANY paid ads.

Today, we’re chatting about the 4 ways I turn passive Instagram followers into paying customers!

1. Niche Account

My Instagram account is extremely niche and, more specifically, it speaks to my ideal client.

Right now, my Instagram bio reads: “I help creatives build white glove client experiences with automated systems to save time and make more money.”

This clarity means that when my ideal client lands on my profile, they instantly follow me. But, of course, just having them follow me does not necessarily mean they’re becoming a customer, right? Let’s move on to step 2!

2. Serving Valuable content

….that positions me as the authority in my field. That’s the kicker! ;)

>>You can serve your client with valuable content but if it doesn’t lead them to buy what you’re selling, you are not going to convert your followers into customers.<<

All I do on my VA for a day Instagram account is teach my ideal client how to create an amazing client experience and use Dubsado to automate it, as well as leading them to my free guide on this subject to build my authority.

By teaching my clients the value of this in their business, when they decide they can’t do it alone, I am the obvious choice to help them!

3. Instagram DM’s

I love sending personalized voice messages to my followers and thanking them for hanging out in my corner of the internet (especially if they’re my ideal client). These voice messages are quick and easy and make them feel appreciated!

I have found that Instagram DM’s are the quickest way to create genuine relationships on social media and open up a conversation if they have any questions or would like to book my services.

4. Scarcity

Friends, the more you’re booked the easier it is to sell. I genuinely believe that when you’re a booked out VA once, you’re booked out forever because you keep talking about how you’re booked out which creates scarcity… even after raising your prices!

>>You can book high-ticket clients if you’re booking weeks in advance because your potential clients know that everyone else is paying that much. <<

Hint: You can create scarcity even if you aren’t booked out yet. Just simply tell people that your next “opening” is next week. They don’t necessarily know you don’t have a client between now and then, but that’s what it implies. And that implication creates the scarcity factor we’re talking about!

Dude, I love being a VA.

A few reasons why…

  • Lots of variety in my work

  • Choose my own hours

  • I can work anywhere in the world

  • Freedom to pick and choose my clients

  • I’m playing a smaller part in a bigger vision

If you are thinking you might like to be a virtual assistant (whether that be a graphic designer, copywriter, bookkeeper, general administrative assistant, social media manager, etc), I would LOVE to join the waitlist for my new program, Booked Out VA.

It launches in September and I’m having a MAXIMUM of 15 people because of how much individual attention you will receive. So, even if the smallest part of you might want to be a VA, join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens!