Six Simple Elements Your Website NEEDS TO Make You Money


Have you ever been on someone’s website, liked what they were selling, but the “buy now” button wasn’t glaringly obvious and you navigated away?

How about when their header says something vague, like "Trust is the currency we exchange" and you have no idea what they do?

>>Pro tip, my friend: Within 5 seconds of being on your website, I need to know what you do, how it helps me, and how I can get it. Period.<<

All the other fluff you have--the reason why you started the company, your testimonials, the fact that you love your dog... Put it at the bottom, or take it off the home page altogether. It is IRRELEVANT, my friend!

If people want to go deeper with you, they’ll read the “About” page. But for now… We need to get that money, honey!

Below are the 6 elements you MUST have on your website to turn passive readers into paying customers.

1. Have a clear message.

One of my favorite things that Donald Miller always says about brand messaging is: “Don't get cute, get clear.”

For example, you might see on a photographer’s website something like, “Capturing moments you don't want to forget.”

Okay, that's nice… but which moments?! Moments on your wedding day, the moment you give birth, moments at a family party…? There are so many moments we don't want to forget and you probably don't shoot all of them.

In this example, you should change that header to, “Capturing beautiful images of your wedding day so you can live in the moment on the biggest day of your life.”

Seriously: Clarity over cleverness, friend.

2. A bright, happy picture related to what you do.

If you’re a personal brand (blogger, influencer, virtual service provider, wedding planner, real estate agent, the list goes on and on) I need to see a bright, smiley picture of your face, cutie-pie!

If you’re a company, have a picture on the top of your team in action or simply smiling. And for product-based businesses, get a picture of people enjoying using your products.

You might think this is obvious, but SO many people make this mistake! They only show their face on their About Me page, like they are an electrician and their home page has a picture of a mountain on it.

Nu-uh, girlfrand. We’re not making that mistake.

3. What problem do you solve?

And maybe more importantly: What bad thing will happen if I don’t buy your thing?

Here's the key with that, though: Make it something I care about.

For example, if you say, “With these supplements, you will live a healthier lifestyle,” I couldn’t care less. But if you attach an emotion to it and say, “With these supplements, you will be able to celebrate the big moments for years to come, like seeing your son’s graduation or your daughter give birth.” Now I care. See the difference?

It all starts with knowing what your ideal customer cares about, and how to convey to them that they NEED what you’re selling.

4. How are you going to help?

You need to give your reader a step-by-step plan of how you’re going to help them because people do not like surprises when it comes to business.

>>If someone is going to hand over their credit card, they better understand EXACTLY what you are going to do to give them a return on their investment.<<

For a good example of this *shameless plug* head to VA for a day and read my 3 steps. They are concise yet descriptive, and they don’t over-explain but they give you plenty of information.

Since applying this one simple change to my website, I have seen a 20% increase in sales from my website. It seriously works!

5. List a starting price.

This is especially for service-based businesses: I don’t believe you should wait until getting on a call to reveal your pricing structure.

Being very transparent with your packages run the risk of you being price-shopped, but leaving your pricing out altogether means you may get on the phone with people that think you are completely out of their budget, and now both of you have wasted your time.

*This is why I say to list a STARTING price, or even an investment ballpark.*

That way, you have eliminated price-shoppers and those who cannot afford your services, but you are still able to customize your packages and be flexible once you speak on a phone call.

All you need to do is list “Starting at: $xxx” at the bottom of a product description. Boom. Easy change!

6. A clear call to action.

Friend, giving you money has to be the EASIEST thing someone does all week. If you don’t make it obvious how someone can pay you… Oh man. That’s a no-no.

This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to marketing... When people make it SO difficult to pay them that they are actually leaving money on the table!

You might be thinking this is obvious.

Why WOULD people make it difficult to pay them, like finding the “buy now” button is a game of Where’s Waldo? Do they even WANT the sales?

Of course they do, friend.  I know what the problem is… It’s their mindset.

**They are AFRAID to ASK for the sale.**

There are loads of different reasons why that could be--maybe they’re not confident in their offer, they’re afraid what people would think of them being a salesperson right off the bat, or they have an unhealthy view of money and they’re sabotaging themselves.

Give your customer a CLEAR call to action (avoid vague wording like “contact” but rather “schedule a call,” “buy now,” “join here” and the like) and you will make TONS more sales.

Your homework:

Friend, go on your website right NOW (with this tab still open on your computer) and test if your client would be able to click a button to learn what you offer, how will it make their life better, and how to give you their money without making a *single* scroll down.

If not, you need to do some updating, girl!

I hope this helped you, my friend. If you would like help on your website further, I will be doing website audits in my Booked Out VA program that launches September 2019. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when registration begins!

I can already hear the *cha-chiiiing*’s rolling in!