One Simple Change To Your Website That Will Make You Money


Giving you money has to be the EASIEST thing someone does all week.

Have you ever been on someone’s website, liked what they were selling, but the “buy now” button wasn’t glaringly obvious and you navigated away?

This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to marketing... When people make it SO difficult to pay them that they are actually leaving money on the table.

>>Pro tip, my friend: Within 5 seconds of being on your website, I need to know what you do, how it helps me, and how I can get it. Period.<<

All the other fluff you have--the reason why you started the company, your testimonials, the fact that you love your dog... Put it at the bottom, or take it off the home page altogether. It is IRRELEVANT, my friend!

If people want to go deeper with you, they’ll read the “About” page. But for now… We need to get that money, honey!

You might be thinking this is obvious.

Why WOULD people make it difficult to pay them, like finding the “buy now” button is a game of Where’s Waldo? Do they even WANT the sales?

Of course they do, friend.  I know what the problem is… It’s their mindset.

**They are AFRAID to ASK for the sale.**

There are loads of different reasons why that could be--maybe they’re not confident in their offer, they’re afraid what people would think of them being a salesperson right off the bat, or they have an unhealthy view of money and they’re sabotaging themselves.

If this sounds like you but you want more sales:

Go on your website right NOW and test if your client would be able to click a button to give you their money without making a *single* scroll down.

If not, you need to do some updating, girl! Make it big, make it obvious, and make giving you money the easiest thing your client does this week.

I can already hear the *cha-chiiiing*’s rolling in!