What Started It All


Do you ever think about the one moment or opportunity that became the catalyst for EVERYthing? Of course, we don't realize it's a catalyst at the time. But later when we reflect, we can see it for what it truly was.

For me it was the way I thought of the idea for VA for a day. It was the end of June, and I was overwhelmed as a small business owner of Got Strings. I went online to find a virtual assistant to do a few quick things for me--and I was shocked to find that almost all of them required a minimum amount of hours of work per week.

"I just need a few things done. As sweet as you seem, I can't afford to put you on my payroll." But they wouldn't budge.

So, of course, I did the work myself, and the wheels started turning for the entrepreneur in me. I knew I was organized, reliable, and had a strong work ethic. I was confident that as a small business owner myself, I would be able to help other entrepreneurs because I knew what they were going through. So, I thought, what would be the harm in trying something new?

I think you guys will find it funny to know that I thought of the idea on a Thursday--I had a logo by Friday (thanks @hannahjphotos!), a menu of services and a home-made website by Saturday, and I launched my business on Sunday, July 1st. Yep, it was THAT quick!

I guess the rule with soulmates also applies to business, too: "When you know, you know." Since then, the only times I've ever looked back I'm filled with gratitude and happiness. What's your catalyst?