Why ANYONE Can Start A Virtual Assistant Business

Have you ever dreamt of working from home and becoming a virtual assistant, doing work like:

  • Social Media Manager

  • General Administrative Assistant

  • Web Designer

  • Bookkeeper

  • Project Manager

  • Graphic Designer

  • Copywriter

…But wasn’t sure if you had the skills, hours, knowledge, or experience required?

Well friend, today is your lucky day because I’m going to give you 5 reasons why ANYone can start a virtual assistant business.

Get ready for some myth-bustin’ cold hard facts, mah friend! Let’s dive in!

  1. We all have skills right now that would be beneficial to a business owner.

    When I teach my mentorship students to start a business, I don’t tell them to start by learning a bunch of skills. All I teach them is how to identify what skills they have right now that would be beneficial to a business owner. Maybe you’re organized, good with people, or a great copywriter.. Whatever it is, you’re good at it NOW and that’s what you’ll advertise. :)

  2. You don’t need to learn fancy systems.

    A total myth people think about virtual assistant work is that you need to be proficient in Photoshop, Dubsado, ConvertKit, and other fancy systems. You’d be surprised by how many things business owners need help with just to lighten their load, like answering emails or scheduling appointments.

  3. Your clients can be found anywhere in the world!

    Through connecting on Instagram and in Facebook groups, I’ve literally had clients in the Ukraine, South Africa, and Syria because all you need to be a VA is a laptop. There’s entrepreneurs everywhere and they ALL need help in their businesses, my friend!

  4. There is no experience required.

    Think about it from a business owner’s perspective: They would rather teach you how to help their clients THEIR way. They are looking for a teachable, flexible personality and someone who is looking for an entry-level position to grow within their company. Trust me in this one: you really don’t need experience.

5. You don’t need a lot of hours to devote every week.

Maybe you’re in a 9-5 job, going to school, or have a family… That’s okay! When I first started my business, I was only working as a VA around 5 hours per week. I had other jobs, I didn’t know if I wanted to pursue it full time, so I was very part time! I found that many business are looking for VA’s that can work 5-10 hours per week. Start your business as a side hustle to be supplementary income, and then as the business goes you can always add on more hours!

So friends, I hope this helped you decide whether or not becoming a virtual assistant is for you!

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