Why Business Owners Should NOT Be “Influencers”

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I don’t think business owners should be paid social media influencers. THERE, I said it!⁣

*Business Owner:* someone who has a product or service and sells it.⁣
*Influencer:* someone with a large following in a particular niche and is paid to post about products and services that align with their following⁣.


I’m not throwing shade, I’m just telling it like it is!⁣

However, there are people who try to combine these two things. They have a product or service, but they ALSO get paid to post about other people’s product or service...⁣

*And I believe that is so short-sighted.⁣*

Before you argue in the comments, hear me out! 🙏🏻 I’d be happy to have a conversation with you, but lemme give you my reasoning:⁣

Every single time you SELL to your audience on social, you take away a little bit of their trust.⁣

They start to tune you out and put you in the “sales-y” category, like all of us have done with plenty of brands before.

If you are a business owner (not a full-time influencer! that’s a good gig, if you’re doing that then good for you) but if you’re a BUSINESS owner, why oh why would you waste that precious trust you spent years cultivating...⁣

To put money in someone ELSE’s pocket?

Why wouldn’t you post about your OWN product and have the benefits of being able to control the quality and customer service, plus have a lifelong customer to YOU?

>>So many people are taking the $20k check TODAY and sacrificing longevity in their business.<<

If they’re not careful with all of the ads, before they know it they won’t have an engaged audience to sell to when they launch their next product—they’ll have a tuned-out following with a “she’s always selling something” mentality.⁣

Do you agree or disagree? I’d LOVE to hear what you guys think in the comments below.

Would you rather take the $20k check and not have a biz in 2 years, or take less NOW and grow your influence and business for LATER?⁣